Eau Micellaire Avec Huile d’Argan

4,8 5 0 111 111 Nettoie, élimine le maquillage et apaise le visage, les yeux et les lèvres. Inutile de rincer. Produit testé sous contrôle dermatologique.
Eau Micellaire Avec Huile d’Argan


I don’t know how I lived without this
It’s amazing at removing makeup and leaving my skin feeling residue free.
Five stars all around
I have to say the Argan Oil in this Micellar water is amazing, there is something so satisfying about it because it actually adds a little extra "umph" to make your face feel soft after taking off the makeup. From the first time I tried it, I was happy with it, the only problem is actually finding the variation in your local drug store!
Awesome product - used the vitamin C type
I received the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water All-in-1 with Vitamin C as a free product. I used this product before bed to cleanse and remove my makeup. This product is so easy to use and left my skin feeling extremely soft afterwards. I only needed to use a little bit of product on the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Eco Pads and it did all of the hard work for me, removing my entire face of makeup immediately without the use of water. I love the fact that this product not only removes makeup, but it cleanses the face leaving it smooth and instantly refreshed. The fragrance is very light and I also love that it has the added benefit of Vitamin C. The bottle is big and at a great price point. I would definitely recommend this product to others because of its effectiveness and ability to remove makeup instantly. I will buy this product in the future and make it part of my daily skincare routine.
A must try
I tried this about 4years ago. At that time I was wearing makeup pretty much everyday. It does the job and more than value for money. Great with waterproof makeup specially eye makeup. Try it. Good for dry sensitive skin.
Incredible Make up remover
This is such a great and gentle make up remover. It does such a wonderful job of removing EVERYTHING from my skin. It leaves my skin feel soft and smooth. I know I can always count on this product to work on any sort of make up I have on my face.
Lovely Product
This miceller water is wonderful for makeup removal. It is very gentle on my sensitive skin and even around my eyes. I find just one cotton pad with this product removes all of my makeup. One of my favs!
Must Buy
This product is amazing in terms of its formula. It does not make your skin oily and remove makeup in just seconds. After using this my skin felt so soft as I am a makeup lover and I often need this product.
Love the product
I love the ganier product it is very good for your skin and l love the product
LOVE this product
Micellar waters are great at removing makeup-especially this one!! I love garnier and believe the Argan oil added was great for moisturizing the skin and not drying it put while used. Definitely will be trying this again, and it’s a good cleanser too.
Démaquillant adopté depuis 4 ans
Depuis que j’ai acheté ce produit, je n’ai plus jamais changé de démaquillant. Il sent bon et démaquille super bien (le bleu pour le maquillage waterproof). Il tombe souvent en vente donc j’en achète plusieurs d’un coup. Hormis le fini un peu gras qu’il laisse sur la peau, je n’ai rien à redire ! C’est parfait pour le prix demandé !
love it
I love how simple and effective this product is. Other makeup removers leave my face feeling dried out. When I use this my skin always feels smooth.
love it
I'm over 50 and I use this product every day-cleans and doesn't dry my skin like a lot of other product and doesn't leave an oily feel
Cleaning and moisturizing
Excellent for removing make up without drying or irritating skin. After use skin feels clean and moisturized. A little goes a long way. I would repurchase this product and recommend it to others.
Niveau qualité prix rien à dire tout est bien il fait la job... c’est simplement l’odeur que j’aime moins mais ça reste minime moi je sui vraiment picky la dessus mais en général le monde aimerait
Love it!
Enlève le maquillage instantanément, Wow! J’adore! Ne laisse pas de fini gras sur la peau. Peau sensible sans problème!


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