4,8 5 0 46 46 Nettoie, élimine le maquillage et apaise le visage, les yeux et les lèvres. Inutile de rincer. Produit testé sous contrôle dermatologique.
Eau Micellaire Avec Huile d’Argan
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Niveau qualité prix rien à dire tout est bien il fait la job... c’est simplement l’odeur que j’aime moins mais ça reste minime moi je sui vraiment picky la dessus mais en général le monde aimerait
Love it!
Enlève le maquillage instantanément, Wow! J’adore! Ne laisse pas de fini gras sur la peau. Peau sensible sans problème!
Great but pricey
Great for traveling but considering it’s basically just water, almost wish the Aegean oil wasn’t as heavy in it, and if it was left out it would likely lower the price a bit but all in all it works for when the water where you are is questionable.
This makeup remover is amazing! It removes all makeup easily & the oil moisturizes the eye area.
Love It!!!!
I absolutely love this product. It cleans my sking perfectly and the oil soothes it and leaves my face so soft. There is no oily residue with it.
Does its job
I use it everyday for makeup removal, works very well and does the job!
Never broke out, this is my everyday cleanse, very soft on the skin
Smells Great!
This is the second type I have tried and I love it as much as the first one. This one has a nice smell to it! Works great! Smells Great!
Nice product
I like this product it is easy to keep on your stand to quickly take off your make up, if you hold the pad over your eye for a minute the oil will break down even the toughest water proof eye make up.
Skin saver
I love the mckellar water. I have very sensitive skin on my face and this is the only thing I can use to clean it. It's so gentle.
I am generally sceptical of make-up removers but this one exceeded my expectations. It removed my make-up effortlessly, did not leave my face feeling oily or dry and was reasonably priced. Definitely a great product!
Wow! This is my favourite micellar water! This takes off my super glam eye makeup in 2 seconds! Best micellar water if you are looking for something to take off heavy caked on makeup! Love this product and will forever purchase!
Best cleansing water
Best cleansing water ever!! It’s super affordable and can be the replacement for the bioderma cleanser water
I was really scepticle when I picked this up on the shelf and decided to try it. I usually would reach for a traditional makeup removing wipe, or a cream remover but friends of mine insisted I try a micellar water. With just a few wipes, this stuff completely took off my waterproof mascara, eyeliner and primed eyeshadow! No other remover has been able to completely remove my mascara but this one does. Its sooo gentle and makes my skin feel really smooth, the Argan oil makes my lashes feel strong and clean. The only complaint I do have is that when I use it on my all over face, I find it makes my skin a little greasy. Although it does say rinsing after application isn't necessary, I do wash my face afterwards.
love it
I love this product it felt great on my skin and I did not have any breakouts



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