4,7 5 0 27 27 Imbibées d’eau micellaire, elles sont spécialement conçues pour retirer le maquillage des peaux sensibles.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes
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je n'est jamais essayer ce produit j'aimerai bien l'essayer pour faire la différence entre celui si et celui en liquide que je possède
This looks excellent!!! Id love to try these wipes!!!
I use a lot of Garnier products but have not tried the Micellar wipes. I would love to try them out.
I LOVE Garnier's Micellar Water, its all I use, I am stoked they have these now, and I really wanna check them out, hopefully they become my new GO TO makeup remover. Guess I will fill ya all in after I try them, I love Love LOVE reviewing new products!!! On to next one!!!
j'aimerais essayer ce produit car je voudrais donner mon avis.
je n'es pas essayer mais j'aimerais beaucoup pouvoir l'essayer. j'utilise une autre marque et je crois que je devrais changer mais je ne sais pas lequel choisir. je sais que vous êtes une bonne compagnie. rien ne fait
je n’est pas encore essayer ses nouvelle lingette,mes j’aimerais bien en faire l’essaye
Je veux vraiment essayer la dernière fois j'ai achetter une nouvelle sorte de lingette et j'ai fait une réaction aux yeux donc j'aimerais essayé avant d'acheter
i have extensive makeup because i am a performer. i would love a free sample to see if this works better
I would be interested in trying this product as I have sensitive skin and many other products irritate my skin
I have always used baby oil to remove makeup but am willing to try this product to see if it really works. I have tried other wipes but found that they sting the eyes a bit.
I would love to try this as I love face wipes on trips,.
Garnier products are my choice to buy but haven't tried the cleansing wipes If I could try as a tester. I may buy.
i have not tried this product yet and I am hoping this site will give me the opportunity too, for i only use cleansing wipes when going to the bathroom, i need the sense of freshness down there specially in the summer when i tens to swaet alot more than usual
Would really love to try this product please send me a sample.



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