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Just what you would expect from the full size York Peppermint patties. I found some of the patties to be very hard and dried out, while others were soft and creamy inside. The peppermint flavour is nice and consistent. Not too strong, yet distinctive. A nice little treat or pick-me-up for the afternoon.
I love these! Great minty taste and so easy to eat too many in one sitting.
These were awesome. The only problem with them not being wrapped was I could eat them that much faster. No unwrapping delays ;)
Very sweet can only have a few of these at a time will keep them in the fridge so they keep fresh
Just perfect size for a little craving :) they are amazing !!!
Amazing! Can't go wrong with dark chocolate and peppermint
Nice bite sizes that taste great. Let it melt in your mouth to savour the taste of both mint & chocolate.
You give me york mint chocolate & I am one happy Momma... My only question is... The whole bag is a single serving right?! Yumm-city!
I'm usually not a fan of Hershey products. There is one word for these: yum. I ate an entire bag of the minis. Unfortunately they are so rich it made me sick. Next time I won't eat the entire bag in a day.
Bought these for my son and husband to try because they love minty chocolate. Not only did they finish the bag that afternoon, I was able to use two of these little patties as eyeballs for my sons Minion Cake. Both were a huge hit!
I love the tiny size and resealable bag so they last forever. I can only eat a couple but make a nice treat when the craving comes along.
I love york patties these are an addictive snack. You don't realize you finished them all. Great foe decorating cakes and cupcakes, i put a mint pattie on top when they are still warm melts like icing on top.
Love these candies! I've always eaten the large peppermint patties but the small ones are better because you don't have to unwrap them. Less packaging used to make them. Good for York!
Love York Peppermint Patties! What's not to love? Minty, fat free & tiny!! Dangerous if you're left alone with it lol but great for Xmas candy dishes or birthday parties for sharing!
Omg I love york patties. I could eat the whole bag. Great for baking and fudge too!



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