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Juicy Fruit Desserts
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Orange Creamsicle
I am totally in love with this flavour. This gives you the true sweet juicy orange flavour.
I found the gum to be quite flavourful and it tastes almost exactly as the dessert. The flavour lasted a long time as well.
This gum is sooo good. This is my go to gum. I wish the flavour lasted longer.
Tasty at first but lost the flavor very quickly. Would probably not.purchase again.
I really really wanted to enjoy this. I love orange creamsicles and I am a big lover of all candy - especially gum. The package smells delicious - exactly like I expected it should but once the flavor settled in my mouth it had this terrible aftertaste like chemical sugars and I spit it out after a few chews. I was so disappointed.
Highly recommend, the orange cream pop is my personal favourite....
j'ai A-D-O-R-É c'était telllllement bon serieux, c'est mon amie qui en avait acheté elle ma fait gouté et je suis aller m'en acheter le lendemain aha c'est rendu ma marque de gomme pref.
The orange creamsicle was my favorite flavor. Now I rarely chew gum that isn't this one. Very, very good!
I really liked the flavour and it brought back creamsicle memories from when I was kid!
I tried this when it first hit store shelves. Although I liked the taste I hated the fact that the gum wore really quick.
I love this gum! The flavours are really unique and really taste like their advertised flavour. The only downside is that the flavour doesn't last too long, but that is common with most gum.
Awesome, tastes just like an orange cream. My Son loves this, flavor last quite a long time.
Elle est vraiment bonne elle goûte vraiment le pop sicle crème a l'orange avec son petit gout sucré je l'achète souvent
Tastes great, especially when you're trying to stay away from the sweets. Unfortunately, the taste doesn't last that long, but I would still recommend giving it a try.
This was a nice change from my usual brand. I don't usually like sweet tasting gums but it's great for those afternoon sugar fixes. It tricks my taste buds!



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