3 5 0 78 78 Ajoutez un peu de chaleur à votre routine du matin avec les Sandwichs matin sur pain plat Special K* chauds et croustillants. Chaque succulent sandwich est composé de fromage pepper jack fondu, de vrais oeufs et de jambon fumé sur un pain plat multigrain. Il contient 190 calories et se prépare en 90 secondes. Ces Sandwichs matin sur pain plat constituent une bonne source de protéines et contiennent 2 grammes de fibres. Vous pouvez donc les savourer en toute quiétude.
Kellogg`s* Special K® Sanwich Matin sur Pain Plat
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I bought these on sale and with a coupon so they were affordable...and I was surprised by how good they are. IF you follow the directions on the box, the sandwich comes out hard and blah...so play with the time until you get it just right. The checcse has a nice, spicy kick.
I was kind of disappointed with these. The convenience of them is great, especially when you're on the go, but I was really disappointed in the taste.
I didn't care for it at all. Tasted like cardboard. Will not be buying again
Not as flavorful as I would have liked but is more convenient than a morning drive through. I would take a few more calories for a bit better taste. Not terrible.
I was a little disappointed with these. They have very little flavour and are pretty expensive (for 2 little frozen sandwiches). I would not buy these again, especially at full price.
We will not be buying this again. Bread tough, rest gooey. Not a fan.
Meh. I wasn't impressed. They were kind small, and I didn't think they tasted that great. Although, they are convenient, you'd be better off making one yourself.
I like these, they are a quick breakfast if you are in a hurry in the morning
I have these in my freezer all the time. I like the ones without meat better then with. The meat can be tough to bite off.
I loved this product! It is very tasty and delicious!!
Tried these, thought they were pretty good when I sampled them at the store, but at home I decided I didn't care for them that much. Seemed a little bland. Better sausage would help.
Se prépare en peu de temps parfait quand on est pressé par le temps, j'ai beaucoup aimé
I find that if you microwave them for too long the flatbread becomes too hard. The flavor is okay, the bread tastes like cardboard.
The flatbread tastes and looks like cardboard. The meat is very low quality. I'm not willing to sacrifice THAT much in taste to save a few calories.
I am not a fan of these. I found that they are very expensive for what you get. The Flatbread sandwiches are very thin and not very filling. The taste is so-so, not the worst I've tried but not the best. I think Kelloggs has the right idea for what they were trying to do just didn't quite hit the mark.



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