4,6 5 0 16 16 La lotion de jour nourrisante avec FPS 15 de Burt's Bees vous aide à conserver une peau saine grâce à ses puissants ingrédients naturels qui hydrantent la peau instantanément et tout au long de la journée.
Lotion de jour nourrissante pour la peau de Burt's Bees
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So nice
Feels incredible on my skin like silk. Use it everyday for smooth skin.
Smells great and leaves skin soft. Does not break me out.
Gotta love it
Tried this once and purchased it again. Top quality non greasy and good value. You can tell they care about this product
Still had dry skin
tried using this product due to dry skin. After 3 uses in a day I still found that I had dry skin
I like Burt’s bees products. They are more natural and a great price. Worth giving a try.
What a nice light cream. I love the Burt's Bees products and this one met my expectations again. Light, fresh and effective
This stuff is great. It has a very light scent and leaves the skin feeling soft. I get dry in the cold weather and this helped out for sure. I would recommend 100%
Extremely moisturizing and absorbs quickly! Love this lotion like all Burt's Bees products I have tried.
Works wonders on my skin.A must have in your beauty bag.
I love this product, it makes your skin feel soft and moisture but not oily! I used it when I went on a vacation and it feels great! my baby daughter used it too and it worked good on her too! smell isn't that good though..
I love these lotions, the very light subtle scents, the feel on my skin is second to no other lotions tried yet!!
Beautiful, to say the very least!!!! Highly recommended product, as is the entire brand, really.
Completely love this stuff!! Makes you face feel so soft and helps protect it from the sun! I use mine when I go on sunny holidays and it works better than any other sunscreen. It doesn't make your face oily like sun screen does and it's protected!!
I have tried this lotion made my skin feel soft would buy again!
This cream is amazing! It feels so good on my skin! I would recommend it to everybody especially people with very dry skin! It works so well! My skin on my hands is very dry and it helped me tremendously! It's not greasy and works very well in a matter of a day or so!


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