4,2 5 0 30 30 Notre NOUVELLE saveur de mousse au citron est si délicieuse qu’elle combine une texture douce semblable à celle d’une truffe à des saveurs délicieuses, crémeuses et citronnées, c’est comme un dessert dans une barre! Fabriquée avec des ingrédients naturels et sains, 2 g de sucre et beaucoup de bons gras, cette barre vous procurera une sensation de satisfaction. Une excellente collation céto compatible pour ceux qui aiment les gâteries fruitées et crémeuse !
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Use these all the time
I play a lot of sports and I care these with me. They are super tasty.
Excellent taste and nutrition
This is a great product!! It provides great nutrition and the taste is nice and light. Great to pack in your purse or backpack for a snack.
Lemon cookies
They taste just like the lemon cream cookies you buy at the supermarket. It's hard to believe they're so low in sugar. And yes, they actually do you make you feel full. Highly recommended. Then, again, I'm a foodie with a strong palate. The flavour may not be for everybody, as you can see from the more negative reviews here.
Best bars ever
These are the best bars for keto I love them I have all the flavors
It's ok
I normally eat protein bars and find some of them very chalky this was one of them althought there was a lot of flavor I didn't enjoy they chalky texture.
Not the greatest flavour
Tried these bars and this flavour leaves a not so nice after taste in your mouth. I find the flavour too overpowering. Would recommend a different flavour.
Not the best flavor
I was recommended these bars when beginning Keto. I was eager to try this flavor when I saw it but it just was not very good in my opinion. I would stick with the Peanut Butter, Coconut or Mint. It would be nice to be able to find a larger box than 4 bars. $9 CAD for a box of 4 here, so also a bit pricey.
These bar are amazing! Great addition to the other flavours. Patiently waiting for them to come in a bigger box :)
I love these bars. This one & the cookies n cream are my favourite. Tastes really indulgent yet I feel good about eating them.
Un vrai delice
J’ai essayé plusieurs Goodfat mais celle ci est la meilleure les autres avaient un goût pâteux
delicious snacking
A very tasty snack.Delicious lemon flavour, and low in sugar. Great for diabetics.
I have tried a few different flavors of good fats. I have not seen the lemon mousse as yet but would love to try. Great for lunch replacement when on keto. The new chewy-nutty, coconut macadamia and chocolate almond are great. Always have on hand.
miam j adore la bouffe avec citrons ca dois etre délicieux j aimerais bien essayer
have never tried this, love the taste of lemon, would go good with a hot cup of tea for a quick snack.
Jamais essayé donner moi une échantillon pour l'essayer ensuite je vous donnerai mes impressions merci



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