4,2 5 0 39 39 Notre NOUVELLE saveur de mousse au citron est si délicieuse qu’elle combine une texture douce semblable à celle d’une truffe à des saveurs délicieuses, crémeuses et citronnées, c’est comme un dessert dans une barre! Fabriquée avec des ingrédients naturels et sains, 2 g de sucre et beaucoup de bons gras, cette barre vous procurera une sensation de satisfaction. Une excellente collation céto compatible pour ceux qui aiment les gâteries fruitées et crémeuse !
Love Good Fats Mousse au Citron
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Great healthy snack
Although the price of these is higher than other on the go snacks, I am willing to pay more because of the cleaner ingredients and the fact that I can feel comfortable having it stocked for my family as a healthy snack. It’s a good option for on the go and the fat does keep you full longer. The company has come up with these new flavours and it’s a nice variety that doesn’t keep me bored. I don’t mind the texture or the earthy flavour that some say it has. Great product and will keep buying
Not the best
I know people rave about these, but personally they weren’t for me. I found the texture to be weird and I felt like I could only taste coconut oil. I get they’re made from good fats, but it would be nice if that flavour wasn’t so overwhelming
So yum!
These bars are yummy and easy to grab on the go :)
Great snack
I’ve been loving Suzie’s good fat bars and have been keen on trying every variation (plant based, different flavours) and have always been impressed with both the health benefits and delicious texture and flavour. This one is not different! It is great, but it isn’t my absolute favourite flavour. The texture was a little mealy in the bar that I got as well... I wonder if maybe I got a bad box. Overall, the flavour was great, but a little pricey!
Decent taste but expensive
I like the idea behind these bars, but they are not as “healthy” as they claim to be. They are tasty, but not as good as some other bars that have the same health value. They are also over priced.
These bars are so yummy! A little pricy but so delicious! They are worth the price. You don’t want to eat more than one they are tasty and filling. An excellent choice.
I just sent for 3 boxes and I’m on auto ship to get 3 of the lemon mousse a month , , these are my favorite . Love them frozen
Not as tasty as the rest
I was really looking forward to trying this flavour as I have been eating their bars for a while. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I think the flavour and texture do not go together
Perfect bar
I was so smooth and low sugar best for a snack time.
Nice treat
I just tried these products and was really surprised at the flavour, texture and price point. These are lovely with a nice cup of tea in the afternoon for a treat and break. They satisfy the craving for something sweet without going off your diet. Th
Good fats
i enjoy these good fats bars. This one is lemony and delicious. The texture and slight sweetness gives me the sweet satisfaction i want.
Great taste!
I'm on keto and Good Fats are the only bars I eat. I love the lemon mousse flavour! A nice change from their "original" bars.
Awesome bars!!
I have tried several different flavors. I like them very much..low sugar. I'm on Keto and these are perfect.
Use these all the time
I play a lot of sports and I care these with me. They are super tasty.
Excellent taste and nutrition
This is a great product!! It provides great nutrition and the taste is nice and light. Great to pack in your purse or backpack for a snack.



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