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Mr. Propre® Brume fraîche et propre avec des fleurs sauvages
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Mr. Clean gets freaky!
Let Mr. Clean freak out on you with this deep cleaning wonder spray. Gets deep stains out and leaves countertops glistening. I recommend this to anybody with a dirty home needing to freakin clean it!
Mr. Clean
I really loved the scent and how easy it cleans. It’s one product that does the job of various products. Great for a busy mom like me! The scent is lovely and makes your house feel so clean afterwards. Would definitely buy this again!
Makes cleaning FUN!
First of all, I don’t get excited about cleaning products, I find they’re all pretty comparable. I tried Mr. Clean, Clean Freak because I had a coupon and I liked the name. It surpassed my expectations! My tub tends to always have a ring due to my lovely dyed black hair and my affinity for baths. Clean freak cut right through the grime like nothing! The bottle is small and comfortable to hold. I hit every surface of my apt in record time and felt like a clean freak!
My family used this product smells great good over all cleaning we would defiantly recommend to anyone household. D
This product smells good. It’s not a strong scent. My house smells great after done using. I also work in a grocery store and this product is always purchased.
I loved it! It really cleans well and leave everything shining. The smell is not overwealming and you can feel that it's fresh. I can't wait to try the yellow one. I highly recommend it.
Beautiful clean kitchen
Works great, will use again. The smell is awesome!
Great product
I love Mr Clean anything and this definitely takes the cake! Lol.
Best Cleaner! Worked when other cleaners didnt
Love it and would highly recommend! Worked on tough stains
Clean Freak makes my life easier.
I have a special machine in our house for my husband who has COPD. I tried ever thing to clean it soapy water, vinegar, and when I tried clean freak I saw the dirt come of it within 5 minutes. It has make my job easier. Thank you Clean Freak.
Excellent on kitchen counters and stove
this was my first time using this product and i absolutely love it. im very cautious about keeping my kitchen counters clean. this product is tough on grease and leaves no streak marks. it also smells good, not too strong which i am not a fan of with other products
Smells So Good
I LOVE this cleaner not only does it clean very well but it makes the whole house smell fresh and clean. It wipes away perfectly with zero streaks. Its also a great de-greaser on my oven and stove. The price is also excellent for this product and lasts me a good 5 months. Will be buying again
Mr. Clean
It cleans well, it goes on well, but my bottle the sprayer kept on going once I was done applying. It did a good job at cleaning in the bathroom.
Good product but...
I loved this item for cleaning power, but the spray bottle was dreadful! “Ran on” after the pump had been released. I contacted the manufacturer and was basically told that’s just the way it is. Too bad, because I will never buy again because of that.
best on the market
I work in a hotel . We have 80 rooms all with tiles in the bathrooms. We have tried many products to get the tiles clean ,this product makes the cleaning of the tiles fast and easy. No waiting for 5 or 10 minutes till you can wipe the product off. Also the clean smell stays in the room for over a day



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