4,3 5 0 35 35 De délicieuses nouvelles pop-tarts* Minces dans une présentation « sans grille-pain » unique ! Une tartelette pop-tarts légère et croustillante, garnie de glaçage et remplie d’une savoureuse garniture qui plaira à tout le monde !
Pop-Tarts Minces Fraises fabuleuses glacées
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They taste great perfect for my toddler
They taste like the full size pop tarts but they are perfect for on the go especially for little ones. My son loves them as much as I do. Would defiantly recommend them to anyone.
Great tasting!
These Pop Tart Thins are a smaller snack than regular Poo Tarts, but still have that great Pop Tart taste!
These are delicious, so much better then regular poptarts. Much better portion size.
Amazing Taste
Love this Tastes amazing glad I have found a smaller version of the pop tart everyone loves it in the household but I think I eat them more would recommend
Husband likes more than the kids!!
I bought a box of the strawberry ones for the kids to try, and my husband ended up eating the whole box 😂 Guess they were pretty yummy!? I'm going to be buying more and hiding!!
A tasty lite snack
This snack is just right for a mid day pick me up to finish off a busy work day
Very good. No toasting needed
I purchased this flavour and brown sugar. They are both great. Not very chewy like a regular pop tart because they are thin. Kind of like a cookie. No need totoasthey tt it! Adults and kids liked it. We took them on our hike. Very easy to carry and they didn't crumble into tiny pieces.
4 stars forsure
Kids live em Easy and time and mess free snacks would recommend to anyone with kids
Dry an very little flavoring filling. What happens to the snacks we had as kids.
A great idea
They are a lighter side of the best breakfast quick snacks for on the go. They have been a blessing for me being pregnant and having two more running after so thanks again 😊
great snack!
Very yummy. but it a teaser haha. kids love them who for a snack.
less pastry makes it better than the orignal poptarts
Good for all ages
Everyone from 8 to 55 thought they were delicious. We all wanted more, it's on the list for next time we shop. I and my crew suggest you try it, especially if you are a fan of the original
Flavour was the same as the original, the pastry was a little thinner.
So yummy
My family loved these, they are perfect if you are looking for something sweet! I put them in the microwave to heat them a little!!