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It's okay
The product is okay. I'm not a fan. Love gillet, but that's just me.
Très bon produit
Mon conjoint adore ces produits Schick Hydor 5. Ils rasent très bien et ne laisse pas de petite pellicule sur la peau du visage. Un très bon produit à avoir sous la main en tout temps.
Smooth shave .not as many shaves as I would like to get out of a disposible.
No going back
Upon switching to these razors, I have never considered trying any other brands or styles. I hope they don't stop making these. I shave almost every day, and I consider the lifespan that I get out of them very good. In fact, the only reason I switch to a new blade is when the lubrication strip wears down. It makes shaving slightly less smooth, but the blades still do a decent job, and don't tug, even after 2-3 weeks. For more frugal users, they will likely get a few more weeks than I do... But the number one reason why I like this design, is the flip up, top edge that pulls the lubrication strip away from the blade. This makes shaving fine stubble directly beneath your nose extremely easy.
We got these as free samples to begin with and they're fantastic; a very close shave and less likelihood of getting razor burn.
Even though this is a disposable kind, it lasted for a really long time and still stays quite sharp. Even the part that foams up lasted for a while.
This my husbands favorite razor. Once I bought it the first time, he's never wanted to change.
My husband had great results with this razor and was impressed on bow long it lasted. It gave a close clean shave.
Je les aiment beaucoup c'est ceux que j'utilise tout le temps .
I received Schick Hydro 5 disposables for free and I gave it to my dad.He loves it,he says it's the best shave he ever had.he says it gives him a nice smooth shave.he will continue to buy it.
I used this product to shave my badly neglected legs and armpits. The brand-new blade did not do as good a job as a well-used blade from my Venus usually does. Many hairs were left behind, and I had to shave three times in order to get them all. I do not recommend this product.
It was my boyfriend that uses these, can`t go without them. Amazing shave, feels really smooth to my touch after he shaves and no nicks or cuts. He has had the odd little scratch, threw out the razor and took another one out, then no other nicks. I tried the original, cartridge dies faster than the disposable razor. Amazing smoothness and moisturizes as you shave. Smells good, easy to handle and very slim and sleek in your hand. Comfort grip really good. I tried to use, get a rash from the gel, reaction from it because of the scent, more or less. I had a reaction, from both, couldn't finish shaving, my allergic reaction flared up, but my boyfriend loves it, lives by it and can't live without it. Worth the money, truly a great product.
J'ai acheter ceci et mon amoureux l'adore et j'ai manquer de rasoir alors jy est emprunter avec un nouvelle lame et mon dieu je suis partie men acheter deux je l'adore tellement je vous le conseil les filles je me coupe même plus :0)
These were handed out at my college & I tried it. Whoa! I did one line on my leg without stopping to rinse! I loved feeling the smoothness of my legs. Sadly it got dull & I had to toss it. Cannot afford to purchase one as a mother & full time student.
when I received a free sample along time ago I just kept on buying the cartridges for this shaver and plus where I received it as a Christmas gift I just fell in love with the way that the shaver was that I knew that my freebie was a future purchase for me



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