4,3 5 0 126 126 Nos nouveaux sachets-fragrance concentrés représentent un moyen pratiqu d'imprégner votre lessive d'une fraîcher durable. Il suffit de déposer un ou deux sachets dans la machine à laver au début dy cycle - sans dégâts ni gâchis! Les sachets-frangrance se dissolvent complètement, même en eau froide, ne laissant rien d'autre qu'un agréable parfum qui vous echantera.
Snuggle* Rehausseurs de parfum™
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J'aimerais essayer les pochettes d'assouplisseur a lessive, car je n'ose pas acheter un gros paquet étant donné que je ne sais pas si le produit fonctionne bien.
My favorite. Priced just right for 30 loads of laundry. Cheaper then any other scent booster on the market.
this is new for me all the time i was buy other brand but i really want to try this !
I'm a big fan of the Snuggle brand and their Scent Boosters definitely don't disappoint. They smell great and work really well!
I love using these when i do our laundry they make our clothes smell so nice and they even help the smell fresh clean laundry smell last longer on dirty work clothes too .
J'adore ce produit. Je l'utilise seulement quand je lave mes draps ainsi que mes serviettes ainsi, l'odeur reste plus longtemps. Sinon pour les brassées ordinaires je trouve que ca revient un peu cher
I received a free one to try with my P&G sample box and love it. I use them for my bedding and towels and love the fresh smell even after sitting for a week or more in the linen closet.
I was given a sample of this from a friend who uses it, she said, here try it next time you wash your clothes and handed me two. I tried it and absolutely love the scent! Its long lasting and the cubboard I keep the bag in smells amazing from it as well. I have a boy who sweats alot and he clothes need an added boost in scents when washing. Its not too overpowering.
J'adore beaucoup j'aimerais bien qu'il soit plus souvent en rabais merci '
j ai essayer les 2 sortes lavandre et celui-ci mais pour moi je prefere celui a la lavandre mais chacun ses gouts
I am in love with snuggle scent boosters - I would have never bought them but had a coupon and they were on sale and I paid pennies for the bag - then I tried it - I am hooked on them - love them - makes the laundry so fresh .
I bought the Blue Iris Bliss and discovered it's not the most appealing scent to me, so I use them sparingly. They definitely do boost the scent of your wash, so I would like to try another scent if I buy them again.
tres pratique,ne cause pas de tache sur le linge et il sent tres bon. Efficace en eau froide.
Love the scent and how easy it is to use but the scent does not last as long as other scent boosters I have tried
Smells great but if you're not washing in hot water the packs don't completely dissolve and then you have to rinse again. Other things work better


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