4,5 5 0 10 10 Fibres de source naturelle pour la santé digestive.
Supplément quotidien de fibres Soin digestifMC de Jamieson
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Great Taste
Keeps me regular and I have no problem drinking it every morning. Adding extra fibre is very important to maintain great health. Sometimes I add it to baked goods and overnight oatmeal.
Mauvais goût mais efficace
Vraiment mauvais goût, difficile à avaler, mais efficace contre la constipation
I like this better than Metamucil. Keeps me regular.
It tasted really good, and it dissolves well in water to give a taste similar to the juice crystals. It is effective, yet you need to use it more than once.
A trusted brand with an easy to take fibre. It dissolves well and adds well to smoothies or drinks.
Nice natural orange taste without nasty sugar. It has stevia. It's good for ibs constipation. I mix it with water or herbal tea.
I have tried the Jamieson Daily fibre and it tastes good, not too heavy and mixes well with the water, no clumping or turning into gel like other brands. I drink at least 2 bottles of water with the supplement in it and it helps keep me regular. Great Product!
This is effective. I use it once a week - to help keep everything working correctly :)
It works well but you gotta take it for 2 to 3 days before it starts working. In my case i have to take it everyday which is fine if you drink alot of water. Not the best taste as i like water tasteless but overall a great product!
J'ai essayé ce produit lors d'un banc d'essai gratuit de la part de Sample Source. J'aime bien tous les produits de la gamme Jamieson (vitamines, suppléments) sauf que je n'ai pas besoin de ce genre de supplément de fibres, ce qui fait que je ne l'ai pas racheté mais c'est un excellent produit pour les personnes qui ont besoin d'un supplément pour pallier à leur alimentation déficiente ou pauvre en fibres. Je le recommande pour ces personnes.
I would never, ever, again use any product made by Jamieson. The three products that I did try caused me to be EXTREMELY ill with hives, vomiting etc. My Pharmacist told me that I should never use anything made by this company as they are often contaminated with various things from salmonella to lead to other things that can cause serious health issues. Use WITH caution.
I wonder if it really helps to go to bathrooms! Will love to give it a try!
This I can definitely use in my life as I don’t really eat much fibre
Have not had the chance to try. But I sure will give it a try if I am chosen to .
J'aimerais un échantillon pour le tester et donner mon avis par la suite.


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