5 5 0 22 22 Available in creamy rich vanilla or chocolate ice creams, sandwiched between choco biscuits
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Super tasty
Very tasty , I would like to take an family pack.....
So tasty
I have tried this Sandwich ice cream. Its very tasty. U'll definitely love it after trying it. The ice cream between is yummy...😋😋😋😋😍😍😍
One word Awesome, Yummy, love it, liked it. Try to to feel it.
Amazing !!!! but the vanilla is far far better than chocolate, mesmerised by this product.
Dairy day chocolate sandwich is very tasty and very good product.
It looks great. I would love to try some of it. I have tried other chocolate ice creams i guess It will be great too.
Wow chocolate icream sandwich sounds yummy....would definitely love to try and give my feedback....thanks in adavnce
I would love to try this..pls send trail sample..regards
I love the taste of ice cream sandwich. I tried only chocolate flavor from other brand. Wish to try Dairy day product soon. I'll sahre my general review about Ice cream sandwich : "Basically, I don't prefer to bite ice cream even though my teeth are not too sensitive. But this have ice creams sandwiched between two cookies so bit simple to bite and taste it. Not so comfortable to bite when the ice cream was too cold so, I waited a bit to melt and enjoyed it slowly. Holding the cookies for long makes hands sticky." I have some suggestion like rolling it with butter paper or something, makes it easy to hold without any mess. Please do send me the product, so I can taste it and give my honest opinion about Dairy Day Ice cream sandwich.
Never tried this.. but I really want to try this yummy chocolate biscuits😊
Am seeing this for the first time would be glad if you send me a sample so that i can review it after trying
Never tried dis..Luks tasty and yummy..plz send me dis yummy choco sandwich �� ice cream
Would like to try this looks very tasty. Please send a sample so that I can write a review on it
No, I haven't tried this and neither heard about this brand... But it looks soo yummy , would love to try.
Waow i like vanilla/Chocolate flavored Ice-creams Sandwich i want to try this please send me a sample regards.

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