4.5 5 0 21 21 This world renowned dressing gets its name from the Thousand Islands region near New York. Make delicious Russian salad by adding boiled diced potatoes, peas, carrots, cucumber & toss them with our salad dressing. Voila! Your tasty meal is ready.
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Fun Foods Zer0Fat Dressing 1000 Island
It is actually tasty and healthy. Apparently it gives a soothing freshness to food as when it is garnished and get dressed by its yummy taste.
Great taste
Very nice flavour, really good as salad dressing as well as good to go with wraps.
nice product use every one
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Amazing taste, can be used as spread on burger and sandwich and also in salad dressing. Would highly recommend this product.
Not yet tried this flavour but would like to try as it looks yummy
I would like to try this product please send me this product and i will give you my honest review
I have tried only veeba.But i want to try this product. Can you send me a sample plz.
Fun foods products live upto it's quality and Taste, i would love to try it please send me a sample for review.
I have not tried this product. I am interested to try this product. Please send samples quickly.
i haven't tried this product want ot try it if feels good and will buy it further.
I have tried plain mayonnaise from dis brand..but I hv never used dis..it’s good if uh will send dis to me for review purpose.
Mayonnaise .,... Lovely my family like to try this please send me the sample of this
Fun foods sauces are yummy... I haven't tried this one but would love to try .
Hey... I would like to try this... Funfoods are not available in our place.. Sample can help me review the product..
Tossing the dressings ok the crunchy leafy greens from my garden is a blessing. I would love trying this item. I have a beautiful herb garden to try this on. Pls give me tester of this product. Thank you !

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