Del Monte Tomato Ketchup Spout Pack

4.6 5 0 61 61 Made with vine-ripened tomatoes, Del monte tomato ketchup goes through a systematic process to give you a rich textured ketchup perfected for a lip smacking taste. Del Monte Tomato Ketchup is made up of high quality tomatoes giving you that rich and delicious
Del Monte Tomato Ketchup Spout Pack


Good ketchup
I found it better than any other available ketchup brands.Thickness and taste is just perfect.
It is nice in taste and pocket and budget friendly.
Sweet and a bit tangy. Awesome with french fries, pakoras and pasta or noodles. Will definitely recommend it.
Good product
Nice teast, sweet tangy little spicy.. Enjoy it with samosa, chips and bhaji
Delmonte Tomato Ketchup
Delmonte Tomato Ketchup has the goodness of real tomatoes which is true to its sense as it is. It tastes superb even when added with pasta.
A realbtaste
It gives real taste. No doubt it's a very good product and not very costly.
small quantity was enough and the pack lasted long as the flavour had good punch with good consistency
Thick and tasty
I bought a 1 kg pack . Found it very tasty and thick. Not watery like some sauces or ketchup. Easy to use pack . You don't really have to transfer to another bottle due to its spout.
Tastes tangy
Why i like this ketchup is because it's tangier than sweet. Most of the ketchups are either sweet or salty but a ketchup needs to be tangy tamatari. I still need to see that tomato flavour. Rest is good. Color as well as thickness.
Excellent Taste
Its Taste is excellent.. Pure,Thickness is good,plus at reasonable rate compare to other branded Ketchups.
About the product
This tomato ketchup is not use at my house but I tried it at my relative it's good.
Best for all items
Best best best to use this ketchup with all items 👌👌good option of using this item for extra taste in food.
super tasty ketup
it is delightful mix with chicken nuggets and chicken fry, chicken noodles. i loved it super taste rather than any other ketchup .it tastes like original blend of natural tomatoes.
It's good for using in sandwiches. I also use this in curries. It's taste good. Rich in tomatoes.
very good product
its a very good product. very tasty for side dish or direct use.

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