4.6 5 0 180 180 The Spearmint Polo from Nestle is the sometimes neglected younger brother of the much loved mint polo. These somewhat rare mints are an acquired taste.
Nestle Polo Spearmint
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Very Good
Excellent Product with a Good test and best Value of Money.
velue for money
It is a good product and it is also value for money
My taste of choldhood
I have ate many polos in my childhood and I loved them and would like to try it again.
I love This Product As Mouth Freshner
Used this product from my childhood . The mint flavour is lovely. basically i would very greatful if you help me to promote this thing.
Mouth freshener
Lots of childhood memories i have with this. The design of the product is really good and the flavour too. Instant mint flavour
Fully refreshing
Polo is a wonderful item. It helps me to refresh throughout the day. A small product helps to keep refreshing throughout the day
Very good product
I am very happy from HTC all products and I am using these companies product since 9 months continue... It's taste is so delicious..THANK YOU
Instant refreshment cool mint flavour
I used to eat this in my school days. We used to share this one with our friends and family. Till now my school and college canteen sell this. Lots of childhood memories i have with this. The design of the product is really good and the flavour too. Instant mint flavour and a great mouth freshness.
A family favourite
I love polo and always carry it along with me I really love how you feel fresh after eating it. It is also good to take on a trip especially a big pack for the entire family. I definately recommend this product.
Loved this one.its really refreshing. its worth your try. Polo has always been one of my favourites. this big value pack is really worth it. it really made me happy. MY family loved it too.
Cool product
I like this product, it gives a refreshing time , I enjoy drinking water after eating it , that moment is so amazing, good product, low price moderate amount of product, cool mouthfreshner we can say.
It is a really tasty candy that I Carry with me everywhere I go .it is my family favorite and with this saver pack , I really like it . I recommend it for any trip or for everyday consumption.
Tasty and value for money
Value for money to all who likes polo's taste.....
Mint with a hole
Polo is all time favourite timepass I usually buy it during travel trips... What more can I say about bit it's one of a Kind product in market. Yes I would recommend this to anyone who likes mint
Nice refreshing taste.
It smells and tastes good. This can freshen up our mouth instantly.

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