Chloe Giftset (Edp 50ml + Body Lotion 100ml)

4.9 5 0 9 9 IT’S GIFTING SEASON! Give someone who you think would love fresh, smooth floral, and powdery rose fragrance. Truly a valuable buy because you will get 2 items inside; plus, your receiver will remember you forever!
Chloe Giftset (Edp 50ml + Body Lotion 100ml)


Bau floral
Best, bau mahal . Hint bunga2 dan rose, manis dan lembut. Tahan lama juga especially bila dah campur dengan bau peluh
Wangi sangat
Suka wangian dari chloe. Memang wangi dan tahan lama.
Chloe gift set
Bila sy pkai sy rsa sangat confident ..sebab bau dia sangat wangi dan tak terlalu kuat
Smell so good
My sister has this perfume and I smelled it and asked “okay who smells so delicious like fresh laundry?!” She said oh that’s my Chloe. And I had to have my own! This scent is soooo light and delicious. It smells just like fresh warm laundry (to me, and that’s one of my favorite smells on earth). I love this and wear it every day even though I work from home, I still love smelling it on myself haha
wangian yang mewah
Tiap kali saya pkai keluar atau kerja, wangi dia sedap dan tak menyengat, rasa confident bila pkai perfume ni. Girlz, u must have one. Thamx to Home Tester Club.
Omg, i love this product
Omg i really love Chloe. use this product every day. I hope i will consistently use this forever. Love it !
Wangi dan selesa
Sangat segar bila spray chloe, tak sabar nak try one set ni.. Ramai bg feedback bau yang wangi bila dipakai
When Chloe is first sprayed, it is very strong and sharp. A lot of people would give up on it at this point. This one needs TIME to show its real beauty! After the dry down this smells very lovely, luxury, floral shampoo-ish. It's very pretty, easy going, girly, and fresh! But wait, it gets even better....hours later others can smell it even when you think gone. I enjoy it when my wife wears it.

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