Garnier Color Naturals

4.6 5 0 31 31 Garnier Color Naturals has a formula enriched with Almond Oil and Extra Shine Serum that protects the color's durability: <br> - Hair coloring with vibrant content <br> - No ammonia <br> - 5x more shiny hair <br> - Transparent water and certified halal
Garnier Color Naturals


Sangat sesuai untuk saya ! Warna Sangat sesuai untuk saya untuk mengayakannya .. Rambut juga makin sihat dan lebat .. Pack boleh dibuat dalam pek besar Sudah pasti saya mengesyorkannya !
Im not the person who always color my hair. i just wanted to give a try. this product amaze me so much!. attached herewith my hair under sunlight and 8 hours of using it(golden brown 2 boxes) . im not using any bleach. i didnt recommend you to apply until 8 hours. its your own consequences. but i love the result!!!!
Produk ni antara produk yang best digunakan untuk orang muslim yang teringin mewarna rambut. Telus air dan yang best tak rosakkan rambut. Lepatu makin cuci rambut makin lawa warnanya tanpa perlu dibleach. Seriously kene try
Best Hair Dye Ever
I'm very satisfied with the result after i dye my hair. The colour look natural and vibrant, even though my original hair is black. The smell quite good. Overall, i really recommend this brand for those who want to try..
I've tried it on my black hair and its workkk. Yeayy. The various hair oil in this product really smoothen my hair. I love it. And the colour still light even on my dark hair.
My hair is dry but this one is so good. its really pigmented and has oil in it which very moisturising. no damage hair with this dye. 10/10
Garner dye hair
I tried this on my hair but the colour didn’t come out after the first wash. The colour only come out after one month. Not so sure the reason why, Maybe, my hair is very dark so the colour didn’t come out easily.
bila dicuci rambut jadi lembut walaupun diwarnakan. bila kering tak terasa pun helaian rambut yg kusut. empat bintang untuk produk ni. satu bintang sebab warna dia biasa sahaja.
Worth What You've Paid For
I've bought this recently and tried it. The dye turned out to be good enough, considering the price. No cloying, nauseating ammonia smell. Since my hair is short, the whole package is just nice to cover but would recommend anyone to get two if you have longer hair. Be sure to check the dye colour/code as well and see the before and after colour scheme. eg: on black or bleached hair since the application and the result may differ based on your original hair colour. The colour lasted quite a while for me since my hair takes a long time to grow and I don't wash my hair frequently (3x/wk)
Garnier color
Dah penah pakai 6 kali warna rambut memang cantik je lepas pakai rambut lembut selalunya lepas guna jenama lain memang kasar tapi jenama garnier ni lembut dan senang guna memang terbaiklah
Smooth & silky
Worth to try & the colour finishing soooo pretty ❤️
Senang untuk diguna, portion pun sesuai untuk org rambut sikit atau pendek.kalau beli yg dalam kotak biasanya ada lebihan dan membazir. Pilihan warna pun pelbagai.Bau tak kuat sangat,1-2 hari dah hilang bau.warna kekal lama.
Not so very color naturals
The scent is very overwhelming, not recommended to instantly apply if you have special occasion, recommend to give a one / 2 days buffer to naturalize the scent. Color wise, can last up to 2 weeks even with daily hair wash.
One of the best!
One of the best hair dye out there!! I really love colouring my hair in different colours but when it comes to the time I had to go back to a more natural colour, this is a 10/10 my go-to choice!
Sangat baik
Saya gunakan pewarna ini untuk menutup uban dan sangat berkesan

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