4.4 5 0 14 14 Made with innovative 3D dot emboss silky soft smoothness, it is designed with softness and powerful absorbing qualities (absorbs up to 5 cups of liquid) through the Liquid Lock System resulting in the diaper being dry and comfortable for all-day-use. It also comes with a new feature of color indicator of yellow to blue, allowing mums to know when it’s time to change the baby’s diaper to prevent nappy rash.
Goo.n Excellent Dry Tape Diapers
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The product's quality is superb and suitable for baby with sensitive skin. The diaper is light and smooth that it does not irritate my baby's skin. The product protects your baby's skin and does not leak even after baby's active movement. it is also worth buying for its quality.
Luxury at affordable price
Love this product because it is so affordable yet I get high quality of diaper. Both my girls has been using them since birth.
Very good pamper to use
I like the quality of Goon. My son since new born & use the product. Good quality
Quality diaper with reasonable price
I use this diaper for my baby at night. It works the same as another premium brand M****S but price is definitely cheaper than that! :)
Goo.n excellent dry tape diapers
Anak saya amat sesuai memakai pampers ini .menyerap air dan sangat lembut.
sesuai untuk kegunaan siang
saya pernah mencuba jenama lampin pakai buang ini pada anak saya. Pada saya, lebih sesuai digunakan pada sebelah siang berbanding malam. Tekstur lampin selesa, lembut dan tidak menyebabkan ruam lampin.
tried this Goon pampers and it is soft, quality and the size of diapers is bigger than other brands..which make it comfortable for baby and has excellent absorption..
It works as good as other premium brands but price is within reasonable range. Been supporting this brand since my first kid
Sangat lembut. Sangat berpuashati. Sangat berkualiti.
I try M size for my baby 7 month old. Perfect fit and keep my baby dry for long times. Very like quality. Soft and strong.
Excellent diaper. So soft and comfy on baby's skin and the diaper is very wide so it does prevent leakages. Absorbancy is fantastic as well. One of the top 3 diaper brands that I love
the absorption is just so so. but since the price is quite reasonable, it can be used during daylight. not recommend for night usage. need to be replaced frequently.
I tried the NB size. However, I find it too big for my newborn baby. The pamper size fits him once he's around 2.5 months and i find that there's no leaking and very comfy for him.
I bought the M size diaper for my baby boy and I think compare to the other brand like Drypers, this diaper is more durable. I like the prints. So cute. The only thing I don't really fancy about this diaper is it gets full real fast. I need 5 pcs for day use whilst for Huggies / Mamypoko, I only need 2pcs top.

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