Cyber Colors Volumizing Brow Gel

4 5 0 2 2 Keep your eyebrows in place! No more ruined moods because of the unkempt eyebrow because now you have Cyber Colors Volumizing Brow Gel to help maintain the shape. The texture is light and hydrating, delivering a wet, glossy, and transparent look.
Cyber Colors Volumizing Brow Gel


Cyber Color Volume Brow
Gel ia tidak terlalu volumekan. But still nice dengan harganya. Reasonable price with quality.
Not So Volumizing
I was hoping for a boost in the brow department with the Cyber Colors Volumizing Brow Gel, but it fell short. The formula wasn't as volumizing as I expected, leaving my brows looking a bit lackluster. Might be better for someone with naturally thicker brows who just need a tint and hold.

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