4.8 5 0 45 45 Make Heads and Shoulder Supreme Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner your next favourite shampoo for your hair condition. Formulated with the essence of the beneficially-nutritious Argan Oil, keep your gorgeous hair lusciously soft, hydrated and dandruff-free.
Heads and Shoulder Supreme Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
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Best 5 star
Seriously guna shampoo ni memang segar kepala. Kurang sikit kelemumur kat rambut ni.. saya sangat sure kan semua guna
refresh me feel so cool and smell so good my family and me really like this product
Love it !!
Love it, my hair become easy to manage and its smell nice and no more oily scalp.
Such a very good product
Im so happy with my hair. There is no scalp itchy even wearing a scarf for all day long.
smell good
This shampoo smell nice and help to reduce itchines.
Head and Shoulder
Shampoo ni best sangat sebab ia menyegarkan dan mengurangkan kelimumur pada kulit kepala
problem solver
head and shoulder always the right answer to my hair problems. the fragrance after the wash is really comforting.
Bever failed me
Head and shoulder never failed ro make some suprise.. Always make my hair shinier and help to reduce hair oil and make my hair shinier.. please consume all set to get the amazing result .
Good for dandruff
I love the the shampoo and conditioner..nice smell and its really helps to clear my dandruff..
leaving hair soft unlike other anti dandruff shampoo
tried this after seeing the additional argan oil included in onr of the ingredients. it did not dissapoint, not only it got rid of the dandruff, it also leaves hair feeling smooth even when using shampoo alone without conditioner. with conditioner, it is just perfect.
Soft hair
I love it since ny very first applicatiin from the shampoo to the conditioner. It helps to clear my dandruff very well, and the conditioner really make my hair soft. Very good invention.
Saya mengalami masalah kulit kepala gatal dan kering
its a good product and the best product for my family.
I always associate head & shoulders with dandruff or problem hair, however this felt really luxurious, left my hair feeling and smelling great! It was lovely to use, and I would buy this over and over again! It feels like it is a really expensive brand, when it is not! Loved it. Yes, I recommend this product!
I felt fresh all day along with this shampoo. Make me feel confident to meet people.

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