4.7 5 0 9 9 It tastes exactly like the beans you know, only with no added sugar. Heinz Beans - No Added Sugar is naturally high in protein, fibre and low in fat, making it a healthier alternative without compromising on its original taste.
Heinz Beans – No added sugar
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My Fav Baked Bean Brand
I have few brands of baked beans that I love. Heinz is one of it. Really like the taste. Easy to prepare especially if I want quick breakfast. Enjoy with bread or even on its own, the taste is great! Glad that it has less sugar content. Definitely my first choice.
Heinz Beans – No added sugar
It is so easy to cook Heinz Beans and it can be ready to eat in just a few minutes like fast food!! Its taste is yummy and my family love it much. Its price is cheap. If I am rushing of time, it is my favourite choice to cook for my family.
Natural taste
utk mrk yg diet dan jaga pemakanan,sesuai..sebab mmg xde rasa selain rasa kacang shj..baked bean brand lain ada rasa sos,manis n masam etc tp brand heinz ni mmg plain..rasa kacang...
Kombinasi yg baik digabungkan bersama roti bakar dan dihidangkan pada waktu sarapan pagi... sedap dan silalah mencubanya...
Tastes yummy
I love that it does not have added sugar. It tastes great on toasts. Flavourful. Good and wholesome addition to my pantry. Will highly recommend this to my friends and family.
Trusted Brand Ever
Suitable for my parents who having diabetics. Quality beans which different from other brands. The sauce is less sweet and thick too. Smell and taste awesome. Yes definitely we will recommend this to friends
The brand that I trusted
Love the beans with no added sugar and artificial ingredients, furthermore the beans taste great.
Beanz is nicee
This product tastes really good! Not too sweet either, best with toast for breakfast. This isn't too expensive either. Its perfect.
My favourite brand
Luv this baked beans with no artificial flavour, suitable for my diabetes mum

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