4 5 0 7 7 Try JM Solution Water Luminous Golden Cocoon Eye Mask, the essence mask containing golden silk cocoon protein that double functions to brighten the skin and improve wrinkles. With a thick, dense-mash net structure, it moisturises skin and prevents evaporation.
JM Solution Water Luminous Golden Cocoon Eye Mask
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moisturizing and smooth
Feel good putting it and eyes area feel moisturized and plump
Love the hydration
The sheet is thick. It is a slightly thicker than the other normal sheet mask. There is no leftover essence left in the packaging after taking out the sheet as it is almost fully absorbs in the sheet. Actually, I am having difficulty to fit this mask to my face. It is too slimy and I almost drop it! Luckily I managed to handle it. If not,it will be such a waste 😂😂. The eye socket holes, the nose part and the mouth hole are way to big. There is no essence dripping and I am able to use this mask without having to lie down. I guess the essence has a scent, but a very subtle one. My face feels cold throughout the process. Nevertheless, the sheet mask is still damp when being removed after 20 minutes of usage. My face feels slightly tacky but I just let the essence fully absorb into the skin. My itchiness has gone away. I am actually amazed with the result.
The fitting or size is a bit big. The nose socket length is fine but the philtrum length is too short, and the lips socket is big. The mask kind of stretches down as time passes. So by the end of 20 minutes of using, my forehead area was just fine, but my breathing was interrupted because of the stretch, and well...from my chin and below, the mask was hanging in the air LOL I guess it doesn't adhere very firmly like it claims. I don't like that it stretches down and makes my chin area not getting the benefits from the essence. I also don't enjoy the scent in it. What I like is how my face looks post-masking. I really do look more hydrated. Once the essence completely absorbs into my skin, there is no sticky feeling
The best mask i(in my most honest opinion) have ever used!!!
I have never used a mask with this thickness, its richness and moisturizing/hydration for me, EVER. The sheet is so thick and the solution feels legit and very absorbant for me. I would usually leave it on for an extra 20 mins than usual given that it is unusually more viscous than other mask brands and its own line of mask as well. After 40 mins, my skin becomes very moisturized and hydrated. The next day, it still feels nice and smooth, and i have never regretted from buying the next box of this mask.
Be good to your skin
This'liotion is lightweight easy to apply does not leave your face filmy or dry for an all over clean face
Very Moisture Mask
It's very thick mask with a lot essence inside the mask pack. After using the mask can apply on other of my body. It really hydrate my face well. Highly recommend to those who always having dull skin problem
Extremely moisturising
The colour and feeling is so aesthetically pleasing! It is not like the usual sheet mask so it is kinda unique and the smell doesn't bother at all. However, do not leave more than 30 minutes as it burned my skin(literally) and it became very very flaky. But overall I would recommend this if you have dry skin like mine!

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