4.4 5 0 35 35 Johnson's Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion features a light texture that it can quickly absorb into the skin. It enriched with natural minerals and aqua moisture essence from the blue depths of the ocean. Jonhson’s Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion provide day-long hydration for the skin.
Johnson's Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion
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Cooling effect 100%
This gel is a life saver to fight the hot weather here in Malaysia. If you can't sleep at night because it's to warm and you don't have air-conditioner at home like me, I suggest you to smear this product and you will feel much cooler. And yeah, it smells refreshing too.
Good product
Used it on multiple occation.... My husband got irritation on his hand and used this product about 2 years....its very good....when apply,can feel its abit cold....we are very satisfied with this product....comfortable cooling and makes the skin more soft....
I've using it and i like it. It absorps quickly onto skin, very pleasent smell and make skin moisture.
I've used this brand for more than 14 years, and recently tried this oxygen fresh gel. It has a lightweight nice scent to it, and it absorbs quickly with a non sticky feeling. Will definitely repurchase and recommend it to friends and family ❤
Best lotion ni. Lembut pada kulit bau kelembutan pn kekal agak lama pd kulit. Lotion tak melekit. Sekali guna seperti tidak pakai apa2 lotion. Mengekalkan kelembutan kulit dan tidak meneringkan kulit
Baby skin is smooth after use Johnson ! Great ! Definitely will continue using this product !
Always using this before go to work. Really smells good and it is not greasy at all .So I WILL recommend this product to my friends
Love the smell. It's not greasy and fast absorption.thanksJohnson's Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion
The scent is so nice and fresh. It doesn't feel 'sticky' and nourish my skin.
Johnson always is my first choice. Even shampoos, soap, body foam , lotion, really moisturize my every part of my body and make my day fresh. Love you much!
Smell refreshing and non greasy( I think is water based). Very hydrating also.
dah guna losyen nie..wangi sangat,bedak oxyen fresh pun sama.. rasa fresh sangat bila pakai..
The lotion makes may skin glow and supple. A good moisturiser.
i always using it before sleep it makes me feel better n help release my stress...
First tried it in Thailand, pretty happy to see it enters Malaysian market. I love the smell and light texture which is different from other oily lotion. The best thing is, my skin felt mosturised the whole day. Will buy again and again

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