4 5 0 60 60 <p>You can enjoy cookies and chocolate at the same time with Kit Kat Mini Cookies and Cream. The rich taste of chocolate, crispy cookies and white cream will make you enjoy every bite. Buy the Kit Kat Mini and you can have it anytime anywhere. </p>
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Love cookies and cream with chocolate, this product makes the best of it. Loving it. <3
Kinda too sweet
Tasted this before, purchased from Aeon Big. Overall is not that bad, but just not my kind of taste. It's okay just for few bites but more will start feeling too sweet. If you like sweet, maybe this is for you.
In love with this
I'm a massive lover of kit kat and yes I love cookies and cream too. If you're just like me, this mini cookies and cream kit kat will make you fall in love over and over again.
A Combination of my Favourite Snacks
I love cookie and cream stuff - usually I only have it as part of the chocolate from Kiss, but seeing it in kitkat is good! I love the sweet taste that complements its chocolate layer outside and the price isn't too far off the normal kitkat. Love it!
Cookies and cream
I felt that this Kit Kat flavour is too sweet for me and the taste of the cookies and cream are not strong hence you can only taste the chocolate.
New Combination
I really love the combination of cookies and kit kat.
Sweeter than normal kit kat
i like the original kit kat more. this flavor is a bit sweet for me. but i like that it is small in size so i consume less the sugar
Tasty. Give a different taste rather than the normal usual kit kat.
I don't really notice oreo in this KitKat. The taste of original KitKat is good but this is a little too sweet. Might cause breakouts.
Bukan setakat anak je suka, parents pun sudah terlibat sama . Addicted!
Sedap dan Lazat
Semestinya kesukaan anak-anak. Kit Kat kini mempunyai pelbagai perisa yang sangat menarik hati kepada peminat coklat.
One of my daughter and me favorites snacks after lunch...
Fans of KitKat!
Im totally a fans of KitKat! Expecially of this Kit Kat Mini Cookies and Cream! OMG! Who else will doesnt love cookies and cream? Everyone should buy and try it yourself!
My favourite
Since cream and cookies memang favourite saya, so bila campur dgn coklat kitkat, sedap sangat rasa dia
Kit Kat is the way to go!
Kit Kat is one of my favorite brands for chocolates (top3). I have tried everythingthing Kit Kat has produced, even imported some from Japan. This one is pretty good too! Kit Kat + cookie & cream is a perfect combo and I found myself enjoying it several times a week. It maybe falls short to other but if you got some sweet teeth, then you would like this!

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