4 5 0 6 6 Lactel Dessert is delightfully creamy and smooth on the taste buds. It is made with more than 80% of milk, creating a rich delicious texture! With its intense chocolate taste, it’ll definitely please you and your entire family.
Lactel Crème Dessert – Chocolate
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Sangat sedap
Memang rasa sedap dan bertenaga bila makan yougart chocolate ni sedap!
Best dessert for hot day
Its creamy texture and nice of having it once a week. Very nice and i always buy it whenever i go to supermarket. Hehehehe
Rich chocolate taste
This ice is rich texture, it full of chocolate taste and it uses high quality and premium chocolate, the taste is super yummy and the sweetness is just nice, but the it is a bit pricey.
Lactel dessert
Nice taste and texture. Rich chocolate taste. Attractive packaging. Price is moderate. Kids love it
thick choclate mousse. small and priceyyyyy.. portion cukup-cukup. tak sempat muak dah habis. sekali sekala boleh la.
Rasa coklat mewah
It taste like chocolate mousse. Creamy, smooth n soft. Cair dalam mulut. Tak puas makan dengan saiz yang kecil but a lil bit pricey.

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