4.8 5 0 4 4 Kills 99.9% of germs for whole mouth clean. Reduces bacteria in the mouth to help protect and keep gums healthy with zero alcohol for less intense taste.
Listerine Sakura & Peach Zest
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Good taste !
This Listerine not as "hot" as other flavor, I cant use the original flavor as it is too "HOT" , this Peach flavor is mild and yet effective, the taste is sweet and light, which suit to my whole family.
This mouthwash smells amazing and keeps my breathe fresh. Even though it is zero alcohol, the burning sensation is still there. Definitely recommend this for everyone to try out.
tak boleh telan tapi sedap..
sebelum ni try yg green tea...rasa ringan dan segar teh.... yang ni lagi best bau dan rasa...ughhh..mcm nk minum... ia sgt segar dan bestt
Listerine Sakura & peach zest sangat2 menyegarkan Dan dapat menghilangkan masalah bau mulut.
Listerin peach ni suatu kelainan yg pasti dirasai bila menggunakannya..jenama dipercayai 100 peratus membunuh kuman dlm mulut dan kesegaran nafas berpanjangan.

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