3.7 5 0 15 15 Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints can acts as an Ice-Breaker or Breath Freshener. It helps to actively purify your breath by added in natural active ingredients like Green Tea Extract.
Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints
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MENTOS PURE FRESH SUGARFREE MINTS makan ni mulut menjadi segar sesegar mint.
Love Mentos Mints! Making my mouth always fresh and mints taste is always there.
Refreshing! Really a saviour for a student like to prevent myself from snoozing in class lol
It says sugarfree mints, but it is a bit sweet at my liking. Not so strong and not so fresh taste.
my friend always has mentos in her desk's drawer, and i don't know why it is so attractive and addictive for me to go and eat her mentos, one after another. powerful!! i think i need to buy it back like double the quantity to surprise her. Update: she got my surprise, because she got 3 different flavor of mentos.
it can help me to prevent sleepiness in the lecture!
Outlook is super feminine, inside it's super strong!!
I always have Mentos in my bag but I prefer for stronger mints.
Saya sukakan semua perisa Mentos. Yang PURE FRESH ni lagilah sedap berangin. Best!!!
I am a Mentos lover.I will have Mentos to freshen my breath especially after having my meals.But as for this new MENTOS PURE FRESH SUGARFREE MINTS,I've never tried yet.Will buy and try it!
Fresh mints makes my breath fresh. It is less sweet as well though the new taste isn't exactly my favourite. Original strong mint taste would still be the one for me!
Love this. I love All the mentos flavour, all were NEVER disappointed me
Love this, it's strawberry flavoured and it's not too sweet. Packaging is neat and you can take it everywhere, all the time with you to help you maintain nice fresh breath, especially at work.
Great taste mints. Love it to the max as it is sugarfree, suitable for all age group.
new taste and i still prefer the original - mint flavour..however the taste is not too bad!

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