4.3 5 0 11 11 Get your flyaway, frizzy hair moisturised with Pantene Japan V- Silky Smooth Shampoo. Formulated with the moisture balance pro-vitamin, combined with jojoba oil, make it easy to get smoother and healthier hair.
Pantene Japan V- Silky Smooth Shampoo
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mungkin kulit kepala saya tidak sesuai dengan produk pantene terlalu banyak chemical?
menghilangkan kelemumur
menghilangkan kelemumur sekaligus rasa gatal kulit kepala dan melembutkan rambut
Pantene Japan V- Silky Smooth Shampoo
Terima kasih Pantene kerana mengeluarkan produk ini..ianya sangat sesuai untuk saya yang ada masalah kelemumur dan rambut yang kering...highky recommend 🤗
The best
Terima kasih Pantene keluarkan produk ni. Saya dah cuba. Ia menjadikan rambut saya lebih lembut dan mudah diurus. Tiada lagi rambut kering dan mengerbang.
was the best evaluation in the shampoo performance comparison book without advertisement all. The bread tenor of the ingredient which the naming is derived from changes in hair in vitamins B5 and seems to be an epoch-making ingredient contributing to right-mindedness, strength of the hair, improvement of the fluency. The bread tenor seems to be effective in the restoration of the scalp and seems to be good for white hair prevention and a hair-growth. Please question the person with the interest.
Saya amat menyukai syampoo jenama ini kerana walau saya bertudung rambut daya tetap lembut dan bersinar.
My pantene
It really smells good.anybody have 2try it.best product
Silky & smooth
It made my frizzy hair silky and smooth, like the scent of the shampoo and conditioner. However, found it had no enough effect for damage hair rescue.
Good for frizzy hair
Its good for my frizzy hair. Smothering for long & curly hair. Nice smell & easy to rinse.
Leaves smooth hair
recommended for brittle hair that tend to get tangled as it will smoothen your hair and make combing your hair less painful.
Improve dry-damaged hair
I'd been facing with dry & damaged hair few years ago. Since then, I'd been trying many shampoo & conditioner brand to meet my concern on this matter. But yet, I still can't find one & rather use hair oil or serum in order to keep up my hair instead of keep looking for a better shampoo or conditioner Until finally, I'd give it a try to this brand & it really feels change a bit. My hair did feels soft & light besides of ease on brush on it as it does no more frizzy as before. Plus I use along with leave on hair serum of the same brand. Totally awesome!

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