Pokka Ice Passion Fruit Tea

4.2 5 0 4 4 100% real brewed from selected premium tea leaves and infused with Real Passion Fruit Juice. Every bottle contains natural antioxidants from tea polyphenols with no preservatives and no colouring.
Pokka Ice Passion Fruit Tea


Fruity taste
love it..the tea not too strong and it is delicious when it serve cold... i always bought this
Less Sugar
I love this drink. Less sugar and refreshing 😍
air penyegar dan penghilang dahaga
recommended bagi penggemar air teh buah kerana bukan sahaja segar selepas minum tetapi juga penghilang dahaga dengan cepat kerana kurang manis.
Interesting drink
This drink is not as similar as other brands of passion fruit tea. it sure has a smooth texture. Its not too sweet, just at its moderate level. The best part is the fruity flavors in the drink shows up more dominantly. Thank you Pokka!

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