Skinature by Drypers

4.8 5 0 91 91 Skinature by Drypers is high quality, safe and gentle even on baby's sensitive skin. A Diaper Created Specially For Your Gentle Newborn Needs. That’s why Skinature by Drypers is made with Derma-Care Technology™ to ensure comfort and prevent irritation, so you can give pure goodness to your pure precious.
Skinature by Drypers


Skinature by Drypers
Skinature by drypers sangat lembut material pampersnya. Lembut pada kulit bayi. Tidak buatkan alergic kulit. Harga yang berpatutan setanding kualitinya. Recommended 5 over 5 stars.
good no rashes
pernah dpt free sample for this brand, pakai dkt baby alhamdulillah baby okay takde rashes
During my pregnancy I went high and low looking for the best and most affordable diaper for my little pumpkin. At the last TCE at Mid Valley, one of the promoters assure me that this is the best. It was indeed the best decision we made. The pampers is so soft and comfortable. It is also long lasting. We never had any blow out or leaking as far as we are using it for about 2 months now. Price is a little expensive, but we are willing to spend extra for our little pumpkin. We change it to another brand because it is so hard to get. I was informed that it was sold at Aeon, but I've been to 3/4 Aeon but none of it selling this Drypers. The only way is to order ahead at their website and/or official shopee/lazada. Until and unless, it is easier to get this i will stick to this new diaper.
Soft for newborns
Been using this since now with my newborn, diapers is soft and baby seems comfortable
I highly recommend this drper as the material is super soft and comfortable.
Ada claim sample je. Tapi best jugak pampers ni. Lembut je. Tak bocor. Tahan pun tahan. Nanti bersalin lagi igt nak beli.
My feedback
Super best diaper ever! Soft to my baby skin. No leak anyway. Fit & cover up my baby butt. I love this brand .
Pamper Premium
Pampers yang sangat premium. Sangat lembut pada kulit walaupun pampers ini tidak tebal tetapi tidak mudah bocor, ada penyerapan yang bagus dan tidak meninggalkan ruam pada kulit baby.
Sangat Selesa
Pampers yang mempunyai kapas yang lembut dan selesa setanding harga yang mahal. Juga penyerapan yang sehingga 12 jam.
Sangat berkualiti
Salah satu produk yang saya sangat berpuas hati. Selepas memakaikan lampin ini kepada anak saya kulitnya tidak kemerahan lagi. Selain harganya yang berpatutan kualitinya sangat premiun.
Skinature by Drypers is the best
The quality of Skinature by Drypers is the best among their own product. The price is slightly higher compare to others series of drypers but its quality is match with the price that you paid. Go for Skinature if you can afford it. You won't feel regret!
Kualiti premium setanding dgn harganya amat berbaloi untuk baby skin yg ada sensitive skin
Breathable and great absorption
This is a must recommend product for those parents who like to purchase a good drypers for baby which it is long lasting, overnight and good absorption for huge urine. Besides this product also a suitable product for baby who had sensitive skin too as it is breathable
Soft and gentle on skin
I highly recommend this drper as the material is super soft and comfortable. I like the fact that it's super kind to my little one's skin and is comfortable to wear. it is worth to pay.
Drypers signature
The quality really soft and comfortable , but still I prefer the touch series more

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