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Vaseline White & Dry Anti – Perspirant
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white and dry
tidak melekit, tahan lama..tidak meninggalkan kesan kuning pada baju..saya sangat menyukai nya kerana ia memberi keselesaan kepada badan saya.
Worth every penny
Never thought that i favourite brand gonna came out with a deodorant. The texture is so light and so smooth. The smells is everything. Im in love and it lasts longer too. But the price somehow little bit pricey. I usually purchase this one during promo.
No sweat
This product somehow control my armfit from sweating. It has good smell. But I noticed it does fade out after 6hours when doing outdoor and leave wierd smell on my clothes, but no stain. Does not really whiten my armpit but I love this product because it prevent me from sweating when Im doing indoor activities. Overall pink one does better than this blue.
Rather Not Use Roll-Ons
Did not whiten my skin and as with any roll-on deodorant, it makes the skin very dry. I've since switched to the lotion-type deodorant by Vaseline and that is more comfortable and not drying.
Vaseline White & Dry
1. Wangi 2. Memutihkan 3. Kering dan sangat selesa
Ringan.. Menyenangkan.... Pasti membuat diri ini yakin berjumpa dengan org ramai
tiada lagi masalah ketiak berbau
Perspirant, sangat bagus perlindungan selama 48 jam, wangi sepanjang hari, tanpa ketiak berbau
Vaseline White & Dry Anti – Perspirant
Vaseline White & Dry Anti – Perspirant, sangat bagus perlindungan selama 48 jam, wangi sepanjang hari.
skin so soft
suka sangat dengan bau dia, lembutkan dan maintain cerahkan kulit bawah lengan. start jatuh hati dengan produk vaseline dari body lotion, now deodorant..
The most suitable product
I have been try so much deodorant product and finally I found this Vaseline whitenning dry serum is the perfect one for me. The price also affordable and I can see the change of my underarm.
I love vaseline
Sangat2 bagus . Tak menyesal beli dn pakai . Love love love vaseline
I have a dry skin. this vaseline perspirant make my skin soft
pernah menggunakan produk ini.tidak sesuai dengan saya kerana agak melekit.
It smooth to ur skin
This product so so longer lasting , when you do some activity outdoor you still active with ur smell .
Best deodorant
One of the best deoderant. Help rids the bad odour and doesnt leave any bad smells afterwards. Long lasting fragrance. Easy to use just roll on. The only thing is may need to change the roll. The roll leaks sometimes when im not using it. Otherwise it serves its function.