4.8 5 0 47 47 Indulge in the real chocolate taste of cadbury drinking chocolate. Delicious icy cold or piping hot. Great recipes on the packet.
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate
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Always a family favourite with hot milk and whipped cream to top it off
Has the taste of the rich and creamy Cadbury chocolate perfect for a cold rainy day
My son’s favourite! Always been a staple at our house since my toddler asks for hot chocolate every morning. I hope they make bigger ones though. :)
Winter treat
I only buy hot chocolate in winter. My kids love this hot drink. It’s creamy and smooth and sweet enough. Great go to on a cold winters day. Perhaps come out with a dark chocolate flavour...
Cadbury diary milk
This chocolate have a good taste, it's not to much
Great hot chocolate
My family prefer this hot chocolate over milo. I love that its affordable yet delivers a lovely smooth taste. We often use our coffee machine to froth up milk and add this to it for the kids and its just devine!
Very rich chocolate taste. Really sweet and delicious.
Personally not my favourite hot chocolate. For the price point I would enjoy a little more flavour and/or richness. I love a good sweet hot chocolate but for me this product requires much more than a teaspoon to achieve that. Average rating for me unfortunately!
Great taste and flavour
Such a solid staple to have in the pantry. Good taste, great flavour and works well with both hot and cold hot chocolates.
Love this drinking chocolate. I place a cup of blue milk in microwave to heat then add 2 teaspoons and stir. Yummy. Even more delicious cold 😋😋
Drinking heaven
This has to be the most delicious hot chocolate from the shelf I have ever come across
The standard
In my opinion Cadbury hot chocolate is the most standard brand across the board in most shops, there are a couple of better ones around but you can never go wrong with Cadbury. It's a well known and established brand, personally I actually prefer to use their powder to make my own chocolate milk drink instead of a hot beverage but I also like to have it on hand for guests as most people enjoy it.
Kids love it
Great tasting chocolate drink hot or cold. Prefer it over other brands, this is the only one we buy now.
this is my favorite chocolate mix at the moment,its rich sweet and a all times a day drink nice hot or cold
It's the best!
I have tried other drinking chocolate brands but I always keep coming back to this one because it just tastes the best by far with a rich,smooth chocolaty taste that is satisfying and indulgent.

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