Coca Cola Zero Soft Drink

4.5 5 0 22 22 Enjoy the great taste of coca-cola softdrink with zero sugar and zero calories. The perfect sparkling soft drink for enjoying on the go, having with a meal or relaxing with at home. Coca cola zero soft drink is available in cans, single serve and sharing size bottles as well as multipacks.
Coca Cola Zero Soft Drink


Coke zero
Coke Zero is always a go to sugar free drink, prefer this over other sugar free drinks
The best drink
Hi I'm savanah , I recommend this drink to everyone , me and my family just love coke zero we always have it at our family picnics , or with our fish and chips , thos drink deserves a thumbs up :)
Coke Zero MY HERO!
A MUST! especially when you have kids who know they're not allowed to drink or touch fizzy drinks, as they have natural juice or spring water BUT try and be sneaky with your coke not realising that it has ZERO sugar lol
Coke Zero
I prefer coke original. However, I would prefer coke Zero as a sugar free drink. Taste better than other cola zero brands.
Great taste
Great taste especially have zero sugar in there
Taste brilliant
Very refreshing always enjoyable. Goes with any occasion.
coca cola zero
This product was very delicious. I really liked the sweet after taste. I love the fact that its a diet drink with an amazing taste. Only thing id change is the carbanaton id add more personally.
Better than normal Coke!
This coke is now my go to drink whenever I’m out or whenever I get takeaways etc. I’ve been drinking the no sugar coke for a few years now and I now find it hard to go back to normal coke and prefer this one!
Classic taste
A delicious cola drink and my personal favourite sugar free soda. I think it tastes way better than the other sugar free alternative Coca Cola varieties
Best sugar free
My all time fav sugar-free, guilt-free drink!
Probably the best
I was worried they'd messed with a good thing, but i do love this new Zero!
Tasty refreshing and low cal
I've always been a fan of "real" coke but have switched to coke zero over the last couple of years due to wanting a lower calorie option. It really does grow on you and now I find normal coke far too sweet. It's great to have an option that is still delicious and quenches your thirst without eating up half your daily calorie intake.
A tad different to its sugary counterpart.
Out of the four sugar free variants (including the diet caffeine free version) I rate Coca Cola Zero as being second closest to tasting like the original version that contains sugar. It had the top spot until Coca Cola No Sugar entered the market (which in my opinion the taste more authentic to the original sugar version). I find this product feels a bit nicer on the palate. There's no stickiness that is left over like the sugary version, and as such there's no feeling of having to rinse your mouth with water after drinking it. While the calories are lacking, psychologically it does make you want to drink more. Due to the acidic content and ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, it's still not the greatest for your health in other ways if not drank in moderation.
Better than diet coke
Enjoy this drink more than diet coke. My new Fav
Coca cola zero
It's very nice almost as good as the suger one, I would recommend it to anyone

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