Dairyworks Garlic & Sea Salt Finishing Butter

4.8 5 0 13 13 100% New Zealand butter infused with flavoursome, aromatic ingredients. It provides the perfect finishing touch for bread and potatoes.
Dairyworks Garlic & Sea Salt Finishing Butter


Perfect flavour
Used to finish off steak - perfect accompaniment.
So yum!
I grabbed this while I was travelling as I needed something to give flavour in my food while being portable. It worked like a charm! I used this in pasta, on my pizza bread even in my soup! The garlic taste is delicious and I will always buy it when I see it in the store!
Buttered me up from the beginning!
This is such a great idea with a really good price point. Easy to freeze and cut off the amount that you need as you go. Perfect quality of butter to melt easily when using for things like garlic bread in the BBQ or over pasta.... MMMMM
This is an absolute game changer. Saves so much time whilst cooking and has the perfect balance of salt to garlic. We always have a bar in our fridge now.
Soo yummy
Perfect to have in the fridge to use on some many different things!
This is a great flavoured spread that is easy to use in different types of recipes. I used it for a garlic bread, garlic mash potatoes and stir fried vegetables. Highly recommended
I liked it overall
I had this for the breakfast and as an evening snack, with a little avocado to it. It tastes yummy, with good texture, a little salt and overall a quality.
Have had this several times. Really nice on toast or I have cooked eggs with it instead of oil. Lots of flavour. Yum.
Really tasty. We put it on fish and it was beautiful
Yum yum and yum!!!
Tryed this on our street for dinner. Wow. It was so amazing. Just the right amount of salt to garlic to butter. The next night we put it on our baked potatoes with some cheese that was even more scummy. 10/10
Love this, so easy to add to meals and to make homemade garlic bread
Tastes nice
We enjoyed this product and used it for cooking fresh fish in, it tastes nice but could definitely use more garlic as you don't really taste it much. I would recommend it especially if you're not much of a garlic fan
Good but needs more
Was good but needs more garlic as not garlicky enough for me and my family

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