4.5 5 0 10 10 With dissolving micro-particles, Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced Deep Clean paste provides a deep clean that fights plaque, even in hard-to-reach areas.
Oral-B Pro Health Advanced Deep Clean Toothpaste
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one of the best toothpastes
Tried this one as was on special at supermarket and def feels like its cleaned my teeth a lot better than some other brands and even whitened my teeth a bit .. had many compliments on my smile and all thanks to this toothpaste switching to it
Oral b
This is a nice product I am using oral b. The result is very good .and I would like to prefer
Fresh clean
Fresh clean feeling like no other. Recommended to all
The tootpast not only good leave ur mouth cool and freshxxx
Great product
One off buy when it was on special really good toothpaste but I wouldnt pay regular price. Liked the grainy texture and nice flavour. One of my preferred toothpastes
Fresh mouths all around
Love this product, it leaves my teeth/mouth feeling minty fresh. It's not the best toothpaste I've tried, but does the job comparatively to price!
Yaa I have not yet use this product ................
I would like to try the product because its good for teeth and roots, it's prevents from cavity and other problems, if I get the sample I will be very happy
I saw that it whitening teeth is it good for cavity protection too
Oral B Pro health advanced gives your teeth shine brightenes them and gives one a good smelling breath. I would use it any day

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