4.3 5 0 12 12 With its advanced formula that combines the power of washing detergent, whiteners and pre-treaters, persil ultimate laundry liquid detergent acts as an effective stain remover that tackles 99 tough stains. Persil washing liquid is suitable for all washing machine types - both front loader and top loader - and is recommended by leading washing machine manufacturers for spotless results.
Persil Front & Top Loader Laundry Liquid
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Awesome product
This product smells amazing and leaves clothes and towels soft love it
Smells amazing
Smells totally amazing, you don’t even have to use fabric conditioner. The only problem was I was allergic to it (hayfever) unfortunately. I couldn’t stand handling the clothes after washing and even folding as I get itchy eyes and non-stop sneezing. But overall, cleaning and smell-wise, it’s a great product.
Love this!
I love the smell of this washing liquid! And i have noticed it cleaning more thoroughly than other brands! My whites are coming out whiter. I will always buy this if its on sale.
Like this
I liked this but I found it to be so similar to other persil products. Smells fresh
Personal Ultimate
Easy to use, lovely smell and provides a good wash
To be honest I haven't found it to be a lot better than the normal Persil varieties. It cleans well but to me not noticeably any better. Unless on special I probably wouldn't buy again and just stick to the usual Persil.
Have tried various laundry liquids over the year and found this one delivers. I have a front loader and found this perfect, no excess suds and machine seemed to be cleaner afterwards.
So good
So good I had only used powder Until this. Stopped having a build up in the washing machine of powder and clothes came out so clean
If you like your whites white
I’ve been using Persil since I was in my early teens. I have sensitive skin and found it to be non irritating. I used it when laundering my families clothes. Persil is a winner for my laundry.
I've always used laundry powder until my sister recommended the Percil ultimate liquid and I love it. It works much better in my machine as it doesn't leave as much mess as the powder and it really helps with stains and smells. Mu husband works outside with paint and motor oil and his uniform never smelt fresh until I used the Persil. I soaked a white blouse that had gone a bit grey and it looked as good as new afterwards. Very happy with this product.
how do i get a tester/ what should i do do get one i really want to try it out
belum pernah cobba.. persil front..liah ini banyak dinrekomenfasikan jadi next time mungkin nyoba..

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