Rascal + Friends Unisex Premium Nappies

4.4 5 0 95 95 Rascal + Friends premium nappies are designed to help fight explosions and be gentle on baby. Featuring a 3D core, breathable backsheet, sustainable pulp and absorption channel.
Rascal + Friends Unisex Premium Nappies


Good brand
The diapers themselves are cute in appearance and soft though I found they unfortunately are more prone to leakage and aren't as right around the waist as desired. They are good for a backup but personally not my first choice
Definitely recommend these, love how they’re unisex, super absorbent and don’t get nappy rash
Nothing else compares to these
These nappies are great. I’ve used them on both of my babies - boy and girls. I love that they have a nice high back so no leaky poos up the back of the nappy and they also stay so dry over night. These are a great fit, they look great and kept my babies dry! They also help prevent any nappy rash and are my go to nappy of choice!!
My no.1 Recommendation
Rascals are the absolute best in my opinion! 99% of the 'explosions outcome' I now don't have to soak my daughters clothes in nappysand as the nappies hold everything in. They work amazing overnight as well very high absorbency, other nappies in the past I had to change my daughters nappies more frequently. Highly recommend
These are ok but found werent effective enough for my children as much as home brand from count down is.
Love them
They are amazing! Very comfortable for my baby. They're great
Love it
Love the absorbency they last all night with no leakages
No wet line
I like these Nappies just don’t like how they don’t have a wet liner on the outside like most nappies
Great product. Very Affordable.
Great diapers, they are excellent quality and very affordable. I enjoy the cute design as well. However, sizes run a little larger.
Good quality nappy
I would prefer these nappies over other brands. Good size and the tabs secure well. They are good quality and haven't had leakages (poos or wees). Used them for my son probably from 6 months onwards. I also found them to be good night time ones as well (when the pissings are a bit more) so can hold a lot!
Really great nappy brand. Trustworthy and always good quality. Super soft for babies bum and never had nappy rash with this product.
I found these nappies terrible for my daughter. She would leak out the sides. Coverage was really bad
Excellent nappies , easy to apply and good at containing everything
Although the nappies are a snug fit the quality is terrible because there isn’t enough protection my son wore them and peed straight through them in An hour. I feel like there needs to be more protection and support for the babies in these nappies
Perfect fit
These are a perfect fit for my girl. I struggle to find nappies that fit her fully but these do she seems more comfortable in these than other brands and these hold perfect over night

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