Vitapet Morsomes Duck Tenders Dog Treats

4.4 5 0 14 14 We only use real cuts of meat – no carcasses or bones. Our treats are slowly baked in a controlled environment to ensure all of the nourishing goodness is kept. Minimal processing allows us to give our best friend the best quality real meat treat.
Vitapet Morsomes Duck Tenders Dog Treats


chewy and tasty
i haven't tried them personally but my dog loves them, i dont know if he endulging in the taste or they're just chewyer as other treats are gone in one gulp and don't last long at all
chewy treats
These treats are more chewy than others and it takes my dog longer to consume them. They seem to give her jaws a good work out and she had time to savour the flavour.
My dog goes crazy for these treats. As soon as she here’s the packet she is straight there. I’ve found them great for training also, when they are cut into small bit. Would recommend
Not for fussy pets
My dogs wernt overly excited about these. They ate them but we found they were too hard rubbery and to large in size. If they were smaller you would get more treats in a pack also.
It amazing product for pets . my dog muffin really loves it . he takes this without being annoyed and enjoys every scop of it .he is being playful after taking this . thanks he really like this
Coco's favourite new treat
My dog Coco really enjoyed these treats. She gets excited as soon as she smells the treats from the open bag. Would recommended and will buy again.
My dog likes them
I can tell my dog's excitement for a product if she runs around with it in her mouth and tosses it about. It wasn't the case for these treats, but when I offer her one she is quick to consume it - which is a good sign that she does enjoy them.
no dog can say no
I am yet to meet a dog who does not love these, good chunky treats, yes a bit pricey but what good quality treat isn't!
Duck tenders
Kohu loved these, staffy breed dog, he was very keen on these… they smelt great!
Duck and Chicken tenders
Terra loves then, I break them up so they last her longer, good value for money
Duck tenders
Great product. My dogs also like the chicken tenders but I find the duck a much better size and value for money.
Great product
We have just got a new puppy so we used these as a training treat. He loved them! Also put them into a Kong we brought as an activety for bordem. He stuck with it till he retrieved the lot. Chicken flavour were also a hit..
Dog loved
Dog loved these. They are a good size as a treat and a good pack size. Great value if on special.
Too sharp for little dogs
My Maltese/Shitzhu has tried these but they were too sharp and scared he might choke on them. Had to break in to tiny pieces as to not waste waste them which he ate.

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