Dole Diced Peaches Fruit Bowls

5 5 0 13 13 Feel revitalized with fresh taste of sun-ripened Dole all natural fruits. Rich in nutrients, fruits gives you healthy energy so you feel refreshed and ready to shine.
Dole Diced Peaches Fruit Bowls


On the Go Snack
This is really a healthy but affordable on the go snack. I love it because its not to sweet but its makes you feel full and refreshed. Its a good alternative when you feel like having a snack or desert
peaches for life
i loveeeeeeee peaches on the go, sarap nya at very handy kahit saan pwedeng dalahin
One of my buddies when I'm on a diet fresh fruit in a pack I really love it and I really love dole
Eversince when i was a kid, Dole products are the best product when it comes pineapple.Perfect everytime, snacks or for dessert.Now that i have a kids i always buy this for them because it ao nutritious.
Dole Diced Peach Bowl
This product is good to pair in any meal as a desert. This taste good straight from the packaging or with salad or easy to do cake. We never miss to include this in our list of staple snacks.
Nutritiously Delicious
This is very convenient to eat at work, school, or when going on a trip/picnic. I find the plastic containers reusable for gelatin just so we could recycle and reuse them. We also used these for making home-made peach mango pie and it's very easy to use because of its size.
perfect na dessert lahat kami gustong gusto nmin to.
Dole diced peaches
This is one of my favorite. I love the texture and its yummy . My brother likes it. Want to buy a lot of this.............................................................I would like to recommend this product ❤️👌👌
this is good for snacks for dinner. this is our favori te snacks. love it.. malambot ito at malasa sobra..the best product.
Dole Diced peaches
oh this is so good. Peaches is so fruity and have slight crunchy munch when you eat
The best! My siblings loves this. Try it now!
It's good when you're running late for your morning and needed something to boost your energy like vitamin c or any food supplements. This ready to eat fruit cup is a must buy for your weekly or monthly groceries. It's hassle free and taste good. 10 out of 10. Chefs kiss.

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