4.9 5 0 32 32 Protect and nourished your hair now with Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil. This new hair oil provides intense nutrition and helps improve your hair condition.
Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil
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Palmolive Expertique
I use this product for 3months until now. I have a frizzy hair back then, then i use this because my friends recommend this. My hair becomes smooth and shiny now, and the smell is so good.
Best hair care ever
My hair is my crowning glory, so it deserves the best hair care. I loved the fragrance and the smoothness of my hair throughout the day. I highly recommend this to those who has a drizy and dry hair. Would definitely buy again.
Hair goals!
I recently bleached and dyed my hair, and despite lessening my shampoo usage and conditioning my hair more often, it still tends to have dry frizzy ends. Discovering this product by Palmolive saved me from my hair woes and made my hair soft and shiny! I would definitely recommend this to others.
Why i love palmolive expertique
Palmolive expertique helps me to comb my hair easily. it removes every tangled on my hair
Final touched
Shampoo makes hair dry somehow and conditioner makes it moistures but hair oil makes it repair right from the root to gives you healthy shiny hair and more natural and elegant without going to the salon. The best hair care
use this product for 4months, this product keeps my hair shine, smooth, and smells good throughout the day. i highly recommend this product specially to those who have dull hair.
Shinny all day !
I tried looking for what best suit to my hair Since i have a wavey-like hair. Wind can damage my hairstyle. When i had a try this parduct. It gives an amazing result. Keeps your hair moisturizes the whole day but it wasnt looks oily. It was like your always have a salon finised hairstyle.
My new favorite variant of Palmolive
It smells so good. It also smells also like our bath soap. Really smells so good. I never tried the oil but only the shampoo and i can say that this product is power.
Palmolive Expertique
Palmolive Expertique is really the best for me. The first time I've used this it makes my hair feels so soft and light. I love it the way it is. I would really recommend this to everyone. Try it!
I've recently bought this product for my bleached hair. I am amazed about how it really beautified my hair leaving it looking fresh and shiny all-day also it's very good scent. I would recommend this to my friends especially those who have plans on bleaching and dyeing their hair during this pandemic. It's really great!
This product is. Excellent I use this every day. i love it it smells so good and the product is worth it thank you for this product exited to buy again
My review
This was so good 100% You have to purchase Now guys! it i can helps your hair healthy
Nice hair serum
It will make your hair shiny and smells so good. Highly recommend
Palmolive expertique for beautiful hair days..
I love using Palmolive expertique...,smooth and soft , shinny hair ...I really loveee it....for beautiful hair days...I use it every day
Hair life saver
I have bought 1 bottle only to try it but the first week I’m using it, my hair felt revived. I’ve had my hair bleached many times so I have very dry hair. This product has brought it’s luster back.

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