Purefoods Tender Juicy Classic Hotdog

5 5 0 320 320 Made from quality ingredients making the hotdog very tender and irresistably juicy. Purefoods Tender Juicy® hot dogs, by far the most popular brand of hot dog in the Philippines, are produced locally along with other refrigerated and shelf-stable products.
Purefoods Tender Juicy Classic Hotdog


Delicious, well-balanced, satisfying
Truly tender and juicy! This has always been my go-to when it comes to frozen hotdogs. It has that perfect balance between sweetness and saltiness, while the moisture is kept on the hotdogs so it doesn't go dry after frying. Absolutely love it!
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Best hotdogs ever!
The product holds up to the tender and juicy value. My kids loved it as it is very tasty. The price is a bit high compared to others but it is so worth it. Highly recommendable!
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Super juicy yummy
Still my #1 brand of hotdog, still the favorite of everybody in the house. Whether breakfast or snack, still our #1 brand. Very juicy and price is just right. Super yummy and makes our tummy very happy.
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Juicy, delicious,tender.
I usually buy hotdogs for my cooking, so I already tried different variants. Compare to other brands, Tender Juicy hotdog has different taste that can make you buy it again, it's much tender, juicier and it taste really good or more natural. The kids in our home loves it. And the appearance after cook is nice, even after it gets cold. It's a bit pricey compared to it's other competitors but it's worth it.
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Favorite All-time Hotdog
TJ is a kitchen staple. Since childhood up to now that I have my own family, nothing comes close to TJ Classic Hotdog. Juicy, meaty and yummy!
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Tastier and better!
When you say hotdog, all comes first is tender juicy. This product is so nostalgic. Everytime I will eat this product I remember my childhood. :)
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Juicy, tender, savory, delicious
I really love Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog ever since. Its very savory, so juicy and its perfect for everything . So love it.
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Tender juicy hotdog
So delicious so yummy so cheesy. This is our favorite foods and highly recommended products. This is also our families favorite foods especially our babies.one bite you can taste the chees inside of it. So fluffy and the smells so good when you cook it.
One of the kids favorite syempre ako din, Ito ang almusal namin palagi gustong gusto ito ng mga pamangkin ko, kaya every grocery di mawawalan ng Tender Juicy Hotdog!! Love it. 5 star for this
The only hotdog for me
My son really loves this purefoods hotdog -- no other hotdog only this one is the one he likes...
The best hotdog!!!
Tried different brand of hotdogs but itong Purefoods Classic Tender Juicy talaga ang binabalik balikan namin even my kids loves it. The texture is very good and the taste is the best among the rest! My son and husband wont eat hotdog unless its Purefoods Classic. Whenever we go to grocery we always have this hotdog! Hotdog pampamilya. Tender Juicy!
Perfect for all 💓♥️
Perfect for all mapa bata oh matanda swak na swak talaga tong tender juicy hotdog. any occasion talaga hindi mawawala ang hotdog. perfect din pang every day. mapa almusal, lunch , meryenda or dinner. kaya hindi talaga pwrde mawala ang hotdog sa ref. always yan meron. dame pa pwede lutuin gamit ang hotdog. perfect din pang sahog. kaya hindi ako mag tataka halos lahat ng bagest love na love to.
Kids love it!
I love buying Purefoods tender juicy hotdog. No left over since kids love it. Perfect for any occassions.
Tender Juicy Hotdog
I really love this brand, not only juicy it is also tasty that’s why my little one live this, and also my whole family, i always buy this one.
Taste really good
This is the only hotdog that I want. I never really liked the other hotdogs that I tasted. This ones really good. We always buy this one.

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