Sparkle Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Toothpaste

5 5 0 4 4 Naturally detoxify your mouth with the power of Himalayan Pink Salt and Bolivian Pink Salt. Remarkably rich in minerals, Sparkle Natural Himalayan Pink Salt helps you to achieve your cleanest and healthiest mouth yet!
Sparkle Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Toothpaste


sparkle natural himalayan pink salt
Got mine last week, bought it online via amazon. It really does its job, unwanted stains are quite removed, hard cavities are also softens, it does my teeth a little bit white compared before I used it. It is also freshens my breath and makes me not want to it because my teeth and tongue are very clean. Must try but its quite costly.
Let me try this because y teeth is yellow wish i dont know what to do i hope its ok because it look so nice i want to try this if effective because my teeth is broken please let me
I want to try this,im looking for toothpaste to help me whiten my teeth
I want to review it , because i dont have enough money to buy this item..

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