4.7 5 0 11 11 Relieves and refreshes your tired eyes with the abundance of steam heat. The gentle steam envelopes your eyes and helps to relax your mood and brighten your eyes.
MEGRHYTHM Steam Eye Mask Chamomile
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Good especially after a long day of work. It has a pleasant lavender scent that is not too overpowering which I like. However I wish that the mask would be even hotter. I would recommend.
warm and soothing
feels comfortable and it's like doing spa for eyes.
Really help to release the tiredness of eyes. Like it. Will recommend it to my friends.
Comfortable eyemask
Sincerely this is my most favorite eye mask! After you apply, you feel warm on your eye area and it aids to relieve your tiredness. The warm effect just lasts around 15mins, so usually I slept when I was applying this eye mask. I will also apply this mask when I unable to sleep. Strongly recommended!!!
Soothing eye mask
This is a pretty soothing and comfortable wsrm eye mask. Perfect after a tired day of work.
Best for a good night sleep
I bought 2 boxes of this heated mask when I was in Japan. The product is really good to relieve dry and tired eyes. I usually put it on when I'm about to sleep and the chamomile scent is really calming. I will always bring a few pcs with me while travelling as it calms me down in a foreign place. Superb for a good night sleep!
Pamper the eyes
Recommended by friend few years back and love it once tried. Just put it on the eyes, then will be feeling hot steam. Very comfortable and soothing to the tired eyes. Whenever go Japan, i will sure purchase this from their local drugstore.
Super love this eye mask that is effective and convenient! Simply just leave it on before you sleep and wake up with wrinkle free, beautiful young looking eyes.
Good product from Japan
Been purchased it few year back in Japan, a very comfortable eye mask for tiring eye, highly recommend.
Good for tired day
It works as I expected, I felt very relaxed and feel the soothing effect, it makes my tiring eyes feel relieved and fresh and have a better good night sleep, highly recommended for those active women like me.
Very relaxing!
Easy packaging. The mask gives a warm feel with very relaxing fragrance! Simply loves the fragrance of the mask and convenience!

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