4.7 5 0 7 7 Taste bursting fruit flavour awesomeness with The Natural Confectionery Snakes Reduced Sugar. Made with no artificial sweetener, colours and flavours, savour a new jelly that is lower in sugar and still taste great!
The Natural Confectionery Snakes Reduced Sugar
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Gotta buy it
Good good good. Brought it along with me to the hospital when I was giving birth hahaha
great taste
very chewy and taste very good surprisingly. no artificial colouring and flavours give me a piece of mind.
The Natural Confectionery Snakes Reduced Sugar
An alternative to look for when we need something sweet. it is made with no preservatives and still taste great!
Yummy Gummies
Tried the Gummies... no artificial flavour or smell and so refreshing too.
The Naturals Gummies
My Go-To Gummies when we need something sweet. As it is made with no preservatives, we do not have to worry about consuming unhealthy products
Have been searching for an alternative gummy candy that is not so sweet and this is the best by far. Even though price is on the higher end, the gummjes are nice. I hope the price would be more affordable. Will definitely recommend it to friends.
Sweet but not sweet
Bought this sweet to share with my nieces and newphews, a much better choice since it’s less sugar. But of course, they couldn’t differentiate but still enjoyed the treats. This is definitely a great alternative for children as treats. I find that it still taste the same as before. Great product!

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