4.5 5 0 85 85 The Oral-B 3D White Whitening Therapy Collection is formulated with an Active Mineral Complex. The enamel care formula beautifully whitens via surface stains removal and nourishes the teeth to strengthen the enamel.
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bardzo dobry produkt
bardzo dobry produkt. Ładnie wybiela zęby. polecam
Loved it!
This toothpaste left my mouth feeling so clean and fresh As it had a great minty taste. I loved that it really did make my teeth whiter and feel it was just perfect. I would recommend this to anyone looking for whiter teeth.
Quite good
This toothpaste has a fresh minty flavour and leaves a nice taste in your mouth, also the whitening aspect is rather good with regular use. Definitely recommend.
Good everyday
Good whiteness,from weeks use whiter teeth ,tastes nice aswell
Great product
Really good toothpaste. Never fails to amaze me. I've tried all sort of toothpaste and the Oral.B tooth paste works amazingly.
Left my teeth feeling really clean
I tend to find this toothpaste leaves a somewhat gritty feeling in my mouth after use (which I can crunch between my teeth), which I personally enjoy, but understand some may not. Although I haven't noticed any changes in the shade of my teeth, they felt really clean afterwards!
Love It
Can’t fault this I use this as my usual toothpaste now, I drink a lot of tea so helps with the staining. Goes well with my oral B toothbrush. Would highly recommend.
For this on offer.Very tasty,not noticed much difference in my colour of teeth yet though.😁
Love the fresh feel
I purchased the 3D white therapy tooth paste while on offer at our local supermarket and I must say it really does make your teeth appear whiter and makes your mouth feel amazing
Converted from Colgate
I used to use nothing but Colgate but after a recent trip to the dentist where they were heavily advocating swapping to Oral B, I checked out the range in the supermarket and settled for giving this one a go. After 3 months use I wouldn't say it's made my teeth any whiter but I would say it's definitely helped to avoid any further discoloration or plaque. My only gripe with it is that if I leave the tube stood on it's lid then it's rather messy when I go to use it as the consistency is a bit softer that my old brand. I'm definitely intending to continue using this and am happy I decided to give it a try.
Noticed a difference
Finally a tooth paste high street bought that works!! After 3 weeks I started to notice a difference
Brilliant product, really works. Tastes nice too, most oral b stuff is fab to be fair.
another-super-product from-the-oral b range- i am not a dentist but i would definetly recomend my teeth felt and looked shiney shiney
Gum damage?
I'm not sure if I'm just sensitive to one of the ingredients in this toothpaste, but using it made my gums start to peel off after brushing. My teeth looked great but I've had to discontinue using it.
I love this toothpaste - I actually works!! 100% recommend!

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