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Aunt Bessie`s Chunky Croquettes
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I absolutely love these croquettes. They are great on the side of so much food. They are soft with a crunchy outside to give it a bit of bite. I would recommend and have these at least twice a week. I ekj
These are great and make a change from chips.they go golden and crispy my family love them.have at least once a week.
Very tasty
I love them, easy to prepare, crispy and they taste just lovely, perfect as a snack or for a dinner .
Aunt Bessie's best
Aunt Bessie has come up with yet another fantastic product, one that you can trust to taste good! When you don't fancy chips these are an excellent alternative. The cooking instructions are accurate and they are delicious. The breadcrumbs are light, and the filling is soft mash and well-seasoned. A staple to have in the freezer.
Light and crispy
Very quick and easy to prepare. Love that they can complement an easy meal. Light and fluffy potato inside yum
These are ideal instead of chips - o lovely and crisp on the outside and fluffy in the inside - would recommend
Love Aunti Bessie
Love these croquettes soft and fluffy inside nice and crispy on the outside just how they should be. These go down so well in our house cannot get enough of them. Have told many friends/family and all say the same so nice
These are great if you want a quick meal. They go with anything
Absolutely delicious. If you don't feel like boiling potatoes with your meal, or if you're just throwing a quick meal together from freezer food , even if you're making a big meal for the family on a sunday, these are perfect. They go with absolutely anything and hae a beautiful crisp coating with perfectly soft potato filling. I can eat these on their own, with a bit of salt and black pepper, they're that yummy. But I'm a potato lover. I couldn't recommend these enough. Convenient and yummy.
As with all Aunt Bessie products, these croquettes are great. Fluffy on the inside and irrestistable.
I love these croquettes. They are lovely and chunky, crispy outside and yummy fluffy potato inside. Compared to supermarkets own brand these are definitely superior.
These are the best potatoe croquettes I have ever tried and have bought most shops own etc. they have a lovely taste to them and a great crunchy crumb.
My husband loves these they are very tasty and goes crunchy on the outside and nice and fluffy in the middle x
Would like to try the potatoes as I cook my own I suppose it will save time

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