4 5 0 27 27 Carrot chips coated in sunflower oil with a smoked paprika seasoning
Aunt Bessie's Carrot Chips
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Good ole aunt Bessie,you can always count on her to produce a yummy different vegetable product! These ain’t bad,a unique flavour and fairly good for you too,soon disappeared on my plate,partner was not convinced! I’m a big lover of veg,just a shame they are so expensive,I could produce pretty much the same with lovely fresh carrots for a lot less cost!!
Carrot fries
Tasty is all ican day these are a new fave in our house nice and crisp lovley taste
Carrot fries
I made these in the airfryer and came out nice and crisps. They have a required taste. I wasnt too fussed on them but my daughter loved them so would buy again for her. Worth having a try and see if you like the flavour. I prefer sticking with sweet potato fries.
Can do better myself with fresh carrots
I tried these for convenience and thought aunt bessies were generally good brand as we like the parsnips, The rub that they used was hit and miss just not nice sorry
much better than normal chips. another way to get my 5 a day. really tasty and crunchy will buy again
Not that nice
Aunt Bessies I use a lot love most of her frozen products These carrot chips are really not that nice some were just soggy some very hard some crunchy but nothing inside them no fluffy carrot. Yuck not for me.
Its Carrots!!
What are you actually trying to do her Aunt Bessies? I dont care what you put on these they are Carrots your not fooling any kids they can spot a veggie at a mile and the smoked paprika isn't helping. Mix the carrots with mash and make those chips instead or whatever else, they would taste better and i could fool people better.
really tasty
trying to be healthier I tried these I loved the taste and they are a great alternative but they do take longer to cook than says on package or they do go mushy
Not great
These were not a good pairing, The overly sweet coating was also dry and sludgy. The colour was not appealing. I had so looked forward to tasting these. The rest went in the bin!
Something different.
I tried these for a change. I wasn't too keen on them, the sweetness of the carrot paired with the smoked paprika did not set my taste buds alight. They are nice, just not to my taste, I think a little less paprika would be better.
Not the best
I usually love aunt bessies products but this is by far the worst in the range. The paprika tasted strongly of smoke. There was definitely far too much flavour on them. They were also hugely different in size meaning the small ones were burnt when the large ones were undercooked. I won't be buying these again.
Lovely tasting
These chips taste absolutely delicious. It’s also a great way of getting children to eat their vegetables. The paprika and carrot go very well together and I will certainly be buying more of these.
Got these to try out and they were yummy On the other hand they did go a bit floppy but still delicious 😋
Delicious as part of a meal or as a snack
These are a delicious healthy low fat alternative to chips. I am trying to cut down on carbs and these are a great solution to oven chips. In my opinion they are much tastier, great carrot flavour and filling. I would highly recommend these to anyone. Whether you are looking for alternatives or not. My 18 month old grandson loved them too! Great for the whole family.
yummy and healthy
Lovely product , very tasty and convenient , not as naughty as chips so you can have more haha

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