4 5 0 23 23 Creamy rice pudding with sweet strawberry jam. Stir it up for a fruity flavour to make this a family favourite!
Aunt Bessie's Rice Pudding And Jam 500G
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Takes me back in time!
This product takes me back to primary school dinners! In the best and most nostalgic way- it tastes just how I remember, absolutely delicious and very satisfying to eat! I recommend
not a fan
my partner loved it ! i didn't think it was that great to be honest !
Not for me
Unfortunately not for me I love a bit of rice pudding but this didnt quite live up to the traditional taste it was lumpy and not the usual smooth texture I'm used to so for me it's a miss
Tastes delicious especially on a cold day certainly lives up to comfort food
loved it and i usually not a lover of rice pudding
I never been a lover of rice pudding other than what my nan or mum made. a certain tin variety never really floated my boat but this well totally delicious and with the jam it completed the dish
Not quite the same
Theres something not quite right, out of the tin i love this rice pudding with a blob of jam in, in this though it does not quite taste the same. Is this psychological? I am unsure but I am happy sticking to the tin for now
Quite good for a quick rice pud out of the freezer. Did like the jam though and I'm not a jam lover!
Love It Love It Love It, although its definitely not for sharing so might need to buy 2
Aunt Bessies Rice Pucding
Another great product from Aunt Bessie lovely texture and a spoonful of strawberries very yummy and tasty
Jam rice pudding
This is lovely just the right amount of jam mmmm so delicious my whole family loves this
great taste
real pudding that evokes happy memories of childhood deserts
Great taste
This tastes amazing, it's extremely moreish... The amount of jam added is the perfect amount for the amount of rice pudding you get... Definitely one that ever family member will love... What's even better is that it makes the perfect pudding especially if your in a rush... Highly recommend giving these a try x
Aunt Bessie can stay at my house anytime! A classic pudding and a taste of the household home cooked favorite. The jam just completes this delicious pudding. Highly recommend
Aunt Bessie’s rice pudding
I love most of Aunt Bessie’s products, although they are more expensive than other similar products. I absolutely love ❤️ Rice pudding, so was excited about trying this. I don’t like things too sweet and this wasn’t, which was good. It was quite creamy and couldn’t believe it was fat free. There wasn’t a lot of rice pudding in the container, so wouldn’t feed a family, it was enough for 2 adults at a push. I bought this when it was on offer but I wouldn’t buy it at full price
Not bad
Not as creamy as my homemade version also worked out quite expensive (£6 for 4 tubs) I could make a huge pot for half that price. Handy for convenience and time saving though. Would probably buy again if it was on offer

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