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Bach Rescue Plus Effervescent Tablets
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|tried this recently and was impressed by how quickly I seemed to have more energy. Not a cheap product but would definitely use again if I felt the need for a quick acting pick me up.
Lovely flavour
Love the flavour and a nice way to have rescue remedy and I’ve started using instead of berocca
Good pick me up
I used theses as I was feeling tired over Xmas, great product highly recommended x
I've grown accustomed to drinking these tablets every morning. They help me feel energised so a great start of the day. Nice and sweet taste. The price really varies though - £8.85 for a pack of 15 in Boots compared to £10.85 in Holland & Barrett!
I just got back from a transatlantic flight, and this product was a life saver!! I had one tablet in my water bottle on the plane and then when I landed, I had another and I felt like I beat my jetlag! I went straight to work and have been feeling great! This is a great product if you're on the go and easily get run down!
Reading the comments above just makes me wanna try this product as I need good vitamins to really feel energized and I haven’t yet found a good one So please feel free to send me a sample and tell you what happened Thanks
I would really love to try and review this product to the best of my ability
I would love to try this product. So often to I feel the need for a boost in the morning, especially at this time of year
I would love to try Bach Rescue Plus Effervescent Tablets. I could really use a little energy boost right now.
i Have not tried this product & i would like the opportunity to try because having MS i feel this looks as if it will help you during the day to help you feeling not so tired & lifeless & to give me some energy
I use Bach Rescue Remedy but I have never seen these ones before would be very interested to try them to see if they have the same effect.
I not tried this product but it looks amazing I could do with something like this it looks great
I love alternative medicine but I haven't tried these before

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